What Is A Bird’s Eye View?

What is a Bird's Eye View?Birds See More Than you Think

Animals fascinate me!

I have always believed that if we humans appreciate the fact that we are, at the end of the day, mere animals, our lives could me so much better. While walking through our country’s Northern Range recently, I sat watching a flock of birds fly by the magnificent sunset and wondered what is a bird’s eye view like.

Have you ever thought about that? Birds are amazing creatures, especially eagles and owls. They are so mysterious, inspiring and beautiful.

Perhaps, you simply say that birds must have a great view up there. There is a lot more to their views than we think though and I will share some perspectives on why I feel that way.

There is a lot that you can learn.

An Eye – Or 2 – For Detail

Birds have eyes that are unusually larger for their head. If humans were to have eyes proportioned as birds do, they may well be the size of footballs! Their eyes make up 15% of their body size and there is a good reason for that.

They are small creatures compared to the rest of the animal kingdom and that makes them easy prey. Their senses of hearing and sight are magnified to help them be proactive and avoid being killed for food.

One edge that birds have on us humans is called fovea. This is the spot in your retina that has the highest resolution. Humans have one in each eye. Birds of prey have 2 in each eye.

This means that their eyes are like a camera which has both a zoom lens and a macro lens!

Sea birds, on the other hand, have a fovea in each eye that is a wide strip. This means that what thy can see on the horizon is always crisp, clear and sharp.

In short, birds’ eyes have more camera settings than the average phone. That level of detail is envious.

Hank on SciShow explains it best here:

See Rapid Movement

Bird’s have a fierce depth of vision that allows them to see their prey from thousands of feet in the air. Watching the precision with which an eagle sweeps down on it prey, a mouse or snake is one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen.

As humans, we may not be able to see the depth of detail with the speed and precision of a bird but we can study their abilities and focus on how we may be able to strengthen our own abilities in those areas.

We can benefit in very meaningful ways.

If you spend more time in nature, being present and becoming more aware of your surroundings you will be able to tap into your human animal instincts and strengths.

I often go for days into the forest and spend a lot of time walking and climbing trees. Rapid movement is much easier to see when you are away from it because your line of vision is wider. You actually see the leaves moving, hear the rustle and noise and feel the intensity long before you see the animal itself.

This applies to small and large animals.

Sleep With One Eye Open

Through adaptation, birds have developed a skill called peeking. It allows them to sleep in risky environments and still be aware of their surroundings in the event that predators find them.

While sleeping, they would open one eye every so often. This allows half of their brain to rest while the other half is active and monitoring their surroundings. Peeking allows the bird to conserve their energy and be vigilant for potential threats – at the same time.

Although we have determined that multi-tasking is not the most effective way for us humans to function, looking out for possible threats is highly recommended, especially in business. It will serve you well if you peek into the market or your competitor’s space every so often.

Understanding the market and environment in which you operate is key to defining your strategies. Birds adapt to the behaviours and activities of the humans and predators in their environments.

Depending on what was happening around them, birds may keep their eyes open for significantly longer. If other animals such as dogs were around, this would extend the length of time that their eyes stayed open to peek.

Of course, there is safety in numbers.

If there are more birds around, they tend to peek less frequently. There is safety in numbers and a lot more support in the event that anything untoward happened.

The Devil Is In The Detail

The biggest lesson for me when watching birds is that there is much joy and benefit in paying attention to details. It is the little things that bring you the most joy in life and those little things are often free.

I live in the Caribbean and am blessed to have dozens of bird species around us. More so when we are in the Northern Range of our island where it is heavily forested still.

A Bird's Eye ViewOne of my favourite birds is the Humming Bird. They are the smallest of birds and may measure as little is 3-5 inches in length. They are though, some of the most beautiful that you will ever see.

What fascinates me is that in spite of their size, they move so fast that you could miss them if you blink. It is hard to catch a humming bird They flap those wings so fast to keep in the air and can fly in any direction, even upside down.

If you keep moving you may never catch a humming bird. However, if you stand still and wait, like a butterfly, it will gently rest on you.

Humming birds remind me that it is in taking time to enjoy the little things in life that we find the most beauty and joy.

This is a profound lesson and one that we humans could hugely benefit from, if we take the time to.

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