What Is A Diamond In The Rough? Getting Started At Wealthy Affiliate

What is a Diamond in the Rough?I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate, quite by chance, one October evening in 2019. You know how Google is. You start looking for something and end up miles away from your original intent.

As I reflect now, I smile at the thought wondering, what is a diamond in the rough? The answer that swiftly enters my mind is me, getting started at Wealthy Affiliate, (WA).

Fast track to today, 15 months later and, my life has changed in major ways because of WA. I knew nothing, zilch, about working online and using the internet to leverage business and earning opportunities.

Today, I:

  • am earning income across 8 income streams from my 4 websites.
  • ranked in the Top 12, out of a global membership of over 2 million.
  • earned the title of Ambassador for being a Top Creator and Helper in the WA Community.
  • do training and tutorials, (which I am paid for), to coach and mentor members.
  • welcome WA Referrals into the WA Community and my network monthly.
  • have my blog posts indexed by Google in a couple of days, at most.
  • am frequently invited as a Guest Blogger, being recognised as an Expert in my niches.
  • have completed my Online Entrepreneur Certification.
  • enjoy working on my own time for Clients all over the world.

Wealthy Affiliate: Key Product Take-Aways

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Website: https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com/

Price: Monthly Premium Membership: $49 US and Monthly Premium Plus Membership: $99 US Monthly

Co-Founders and Owners: Kyle and Carson

Years in Business: 15+

Overall Rank: 99 out of 100


  • Training: Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp for Making Money Online (MMO).
  • Classes: Scheduled throughout the month, live classes give you an opportunity to be up close and personal with Content & Affiliate Marketers who are successful and in the trenches with you. These classes range from Website Development to Social Media Marketing to Keywords and Copywriting. There are over 25 topics to choose from.

What is a Diamond in the Rough?

January 2021 Classes Schedule at Wealthy Affiliate

What is a Diamond in the Rough?

  • Domains: Find, register and manage your own domains. SSL is free for all your domains, ensuring that they are built within a secure environment. There are no upsells for email accounts as these are unlimited and included in the domain cost of $13.99 US per year.

Here’s an industry comparison to guide you:

What is a Diamond in the Rough?

Wealthy Affiliate is, by far the most cost-effective in the industry.

  • Websites: Websites are created on the SiteRubix platform and are ridiculously easy to build. The platform is super easy to navigate and if any assistance is needed, there is a 24/7 Site Support team and the community ready and waiting to give you the assistance that you need.
  • Community: Without a doubt, this is THE MOST supportive and helpful community. This is a global community that truly cares about you, your learning and your success. You can reach out at any time of day or night and someone will be there ready to offer assistance to you. This is how we grow and succeed at WA. We rise by lifting others.
  • Blogging: I wrote my first blog on October 15th, 2019 after completing my first certification course. It was almost midnight and I was exhausted but not in a distressing way. I was elated! That thrill of learning and seeing things unfold in front of your eyes is addictive.

What is a Diamond in the Rough?

  • Affiliate Program: This is a platform and community built and run by Affiliates. They are leaders in the industry and have high regards and respect for Affiliates. With lifetime cookies, WA pays millions of dollars of passive and residual income to Affiliates every year.

I have never looked back.

One year after joining WA, I received my first Affiliate commission, my 8th income stream. I have been earning consistent WA Affiliate commissions ever since, with many of my WA Referrals upgrading to Premium and Premium Plus membership.

Creating a Successful Business Online is Within Reach

These offerings are not exhaustive. They are the primary elements of the WA platform that make it a truly remarkable environment within which to learn, build and scale your business and earn.

Building a business online is not rocket science but, building a solid and sustainable business will take time, learning and support. There is no get-rich-quick formula. This is a time-proven system to launch your business and lay the infrastructure to ensure a lifetime of earnings.

One of the founders of WA, Kyle, outlines the 4 important yet simple steps for creating a successful business online in the video below. Just CLICK HERE to go into WA and listen closely to Kyle.

Be sure to have a pen and paper at hand. I know you will want to take notes.

Many people make the business of online entrepreneurship harder than it is or it should be. They guard what they term “secrets” as a way to create a need for them and their services, making you believe that without them and their high-priced offerings, you will not succeed.

Nothing is further from the truth.

Today, after just 1 year, I am able to use all I have learned to create a retainer business coaching and mentoring others and even providing them with technical support when necessary.

Getting Started With Your Online Business

After joining WA, your first port of call will be getting started with the training. do not let the word training worry you at all. I did feel intimidated at first when I saw that the Online Entrepreneur Course consisted of 5 phases (courses) with 10 lessons in each one.

50 sounds like a lot to get through but, they are very well laid out, easy to understand and very practical. You work on starting your online business as you work through the training.

The first 10 lessons are free. This means that anyone can get started with their online business without spending a dime!

You read that right. No credit card or expenditure.

Complete your profile and begin your training.

The most challenging lesson for me in the first phase was choosing a niche, (pronounced neeessh). Although, some people say “nitch“.

I made this easy for myself by using my offline management consulting business as my first website. This niche is broad enough for me to explore a range of topics and sub-niches. Perhaps as I continue to build it, I will discover some more profitable avenues to direct this business.

By lesson 4, I was building my first website!

My First Website Indexed By Google!

It was not all smooth sailing for me. which was quite surprising. I was a Programmer and Systems Analyst after all. Perhaps that is why I struggled a little in the beginning. I wanted to rush through the training because I felt that this should be second-nature to me.

What is a Diamond in the Rough?

As I went through the training again, I came to the realisation that it was REALLY simple and that was my challenge!

I could not accept how easy it was to get started building my website.

By the end of phase 1, I had my website indexed, content on and my journey into keyword research had begun. That was made easy too with the Jaaxy Keyword Tool.

Jaaxy supports the WA platform and its members and makes keyword research a fun pastime. It opened up a whole new world for me and I finally understood what all the attraction was to become a Blogger.

Communicate with your Content

From phase 2 onward, your primary focus will be on building your content. Content is your offering. It is what people expect to find when they walk into your business.

Have you ever gone to your favourite restaurant, sat down and nothing that you ordered was available on the menu? Hopefully, that will never happen to you but, if you are not creating content for your business, that is what will happen.

Visitors will go to your website with an expectation to find good quality content, (like good quality food), and if they do not they will be disappointed.

Let me assure you that you DO NOT have to be a writer or subject matter expert to succeed online. You write your blogs the very same way that you would speak with a friend or family member on a topic. I actually keep a photograph of a few friends on my computer to look at when I am writing.

After all the lessons in phases 2 to 10, you will be writing a blog post for your website and sometimes within the WA community. By the time you get to the end of the Online Entrepreneur Certification training, you will have between 25-40 bog posts on your website and be well on your way to having them indexed by Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Those statistics are provided for you in WA. All the tools and resources that you need for getting your business started are within easy reach.

All that is missing is you!

Get started today.

Cassi Of TroyI currently live in my Birth Country, Trinidad and I am the proud mother of a truly beautiful 10-year old daughter. She is a very talented Dancer, Ballerina, Moko Jumbie and Swimmer.

As an Entrepreneur, I have started businesses in New Zealand, the USA and here in Trinidad. I have lived and worked all over the world – England, USA, Africa, New Zealand, Central America, (to name a few).

We LOVE! to travel and explore cultures.

In October 2019, after drifting around the internet, I launched my Digital Entrepreneur Footprint with Wealthy Affiliate.

Today I manage 3 profitable websites, coach other Digital Entrepreneurs, design training programs to strengthen the personal leadership required for business and, I educate my daughter through travel and other human and cultural experiences.

Would you like the freedom to build your own successful online business and enjoy the lifestyle that suits you best?

Leave a comment below and let me know if I can help you join the growing profession of Content & Affiliate Marketing.

It will be my pleasure!


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4 thoughts on “What Is A Diamond In The Rough? Getting Started At Wealthy Affiliate”

  1. Hello Cassi:

    I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your “Diamond in the Rough” article. It was excellent.

    As a Business & Financial Consultant, I’m always looking for ideas, and ways, that clients can improve their futures – and I’m thinking that Affiliate Marketing should be in the mix.

    I had not heard of Wealthy Affiliate, but it looks like a very good Training Platform for Affiliate Marketers. I will look into WA further.

    Sincerely / Peter A.

    Peter Arnold, CLU, CFC, CNM

    • Hi Peter,

      Thank you very much for your feedback and your kind words.

      I started my journey with Wealthy Affiliate – WA as we fondly call our Community in October 2019.
      As they say, there has been no looking back.

      A digital presence and digital assets that can earn you profitable, sustainable income is a MUST during these times.
      I have been able to diversify my online presence and earn income from multiple income streams.

      It would be my pleasure to welcome you into our WA Community as my Referral, (for which I will receive a small commission, if you decide to invest in our Premium or Premium Plus Membership).

      TO START LEARNING AND EXPLORING CLICK HERE: https://www.wealthyaffiliate.com/a_aid/e2c9efc3/campaign/cassioftroyambassador

      Your first 5 lessons are on us!! 🙂

      Looking forward!


    • Thank you for the correction, Peter.

      I will definitely keep in touch and work with you to see if WA can be a good fit for you and your Clients.

      Keep safe and well. 🙂



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