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Cassi Of Troy, Wealthy Affiliate Rank #9
                              Cassi Of Troy, Wealthy Affiliate Rank #9

This is the home of Cassi, a globe-hopping, proud Mum, Blogger and Online Entrepreneur who really got serious about building online businesses in 2019 when I discovered the Wealthy Affiliate Platform and University.

Prior to discovering Wealthy Affiliate, I dabbled in online things, as most people do. The world of the internet is so vast that you can feel as though you are navigating in an abyss most of the time. That is how I felt for years.

From Computers To Technology

What is ironic about that is the fact that I started working within the world of computers way back in the early 80s. Back then, a computer occupied the floor of an office building and took at least 5 people to run it. Backing up your data took you all night and your tapes had to be stored in fire-proof vaults the size of a 2-bedroom house.

We’ve come a long way, baby! 🙂

Computers led us into the Information Age and technology has propelled us into places that were unimaginable back then. People were afraid of computers when I started.

Today most people have more computing power in the palm of their hands than we did in our 2nd-floor computer room. We did not have the internet and communication was just beginning to be impacted by these new technological inventions.

The World Wide Web

The creation of the world wide web (www) in 1989 has revolutionised everything from shopping to learning. Almost everything that we do today can be traced back to the internet.

Mobile phones brought major disruption and provided a mechanism for placing the internet in the hands of billions around the world. As this technology evolved and integration continued, you have benefitted from the expansion of social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, What’s App and Pinterest.

More than half of the world’s 7.7 billion people are now online. The opportunities for business, learning and communication are limitless!

Internet Users Distribution 2020 Q1
                                               Source – Internet World Stats

Opportunities Await You

You can benefit from these amazing opportunities by allowing Cassi Of Troy to mentor and coach you. Everything that you need to become a successful Content and Affiliate Marketer will be made available to you.

Navigating the vast worldwide web can be intimidating and overwhelming. It can also take you years, on your own, to find your way and begin seeing results.

In less than 1 year, with the support I received from our global online community, I was able to quickly and strategically learn, implement and rise in rank to become one of the world’s top Online Ambassadors, Influencers and Coaches.

And the good news is, you can have a similar experience, right now, for FREE.

Join me on this rewarding and journey. 

I look forward to welcoming you!



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6 thoughts on “Welcome to Cassi Of Troy! Top 15 At Wealthy Affiliate”

    • Alex, thank you for visiting Cassi Of Troy and for your comment.
      Asia is quite large and growing at a far greater rate than the rest of the world.
      They are making huge investments in technology and their infrastructure.

      Looking forward to you visiting again soon.

    • Hi Alicia,

      Thank you very much for stopping by.
      Happy to know that our colours appeal to you.

      Yes, USA is included in North America.

      Please stop by again as we roll out new content regularly.


  1. HI Cassi:

    Again, I must say – I “love” your Blog Posts …

    Having found you Online (by accident) – I was immediately captured by your “straight-from-the shoulder”, no-nonsense, honest remarks.

    As a Business & Financial Consultant – this impresses me, because I too, have always believed in “full transparency” with my professional clients.

    Now, thanks to you – I’m starting to “learn” about AFFILIATE MARKETING, and its true potential (something I knew “nothing” about before) – and thinking I just might expose this to some of my professional clients, as a possible “side income” for them (and maybe, even for me. 🙂

    However, the more I “looked into” this whole world of Affiliate Marketing – the more I discovered that “most” people FAIL miserably in it!

    WHY? – Well, it seems that the (#1) Single PROBLEM for this awful situation was (is) … the “lack” of Proper TRAINING & Education in Affiliate Marketing … that Affiliate Marketers “lack the required SKILLS” to be successful … which in turn, caused me to keep on digging … and learning (from you) about the “significance” of WEALTHY AFFILIATE – as one of the world’s very “best” TRAINING Platforms for Affiliate Marketers (both beginners and the experienced).

    BUT – being the natural “skeptic” that I am, as a Consultant – and not wanting to introduce “anything” to my own clients that might have any “negativity” attached to it (i.e. the alarmingly high failure rate) – I then did “extensive” research, and study – looking at many, many “different” TRAINING Facilities for Affiliate Marketers (including – the Affiliate Lab – the Authority Site System – and (8) others). I also purchased (and studied!) a number of eBooks on this (including – The Iceberg Effect – Affiliate Marketing for Beginners, 2023 – The Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing – TRAFFIC Secrets – BLOG Marketing – Profitable eMAIL Marketing – SOCIAL MEDIA Marketing – and “more” … again, discovering how “little” I personally knew about all this.

    BUT – I kept coming back to YOU – and to WEALTHY AFFILIATE (as an “ALL-inclusive” – totally encompassing – Training SYSTEM … with “everything” under ONE single roof – the Training / the Marketing Tools / the Technical Expertise / the Active Community / the Caring Support / and much “more”) … and without hesitation, I decided to “join with you”, in WA, as a Premium Member – to begin my own journey (however long it might take). 🙂

    I just wanted to share this – and to THANK you, for all that you do, to inspire, motivate, and truly help others.

    Wishing you well, with much continued success – I remain,

    Yours Sincerely / Prter A.

    Peter Arnold, CLU, CFC, CNM — Ontario / Canada

    • Hi Peter,

      I truly appreciate your feedback and the time that you have invested to research Affiliate Marketing training and communities.
      It tells me that you are very factual and serious about this decision.

      We sound alike as I did exactly the same thing prior to – and in the early days as a WA member – making a long-term commitment.

      Wealthy Affiliate’s mantra is “pay it forward” and everyone puts that into practice.
      It quickly becomes a way of being – and extension of who you are actually.

      The support, learning and sharing are what I consider to be priceless.
      I make sure that those things define my service to my Clients and WA Referrals.

      It is the most authentic way to grow your business and develop as a person.

      Thank you!



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