What Does The Rank On Wealthy Affiliate Mean?

What Does The Rank On Wealthy Affiliate Mean?

The rank on Wealthy Affiliate means that you are following the training and getting involved in the community. From day 1 you are encouraged to support fellow members as they learn how to start and build their online business. The more that you participate in the community, the faster you climb the rank.

One of the hardest parts of building an online business is having to do it alone. This can seriously impact your motivation and cause you to lag and eventually give up. Having a community to support you and milestones along the way to work towards really does help to keep you moving and focused on your goals.

As a high performer, I have never really given this much thought. I was always the one to define the end result and work assiduously to achieve it. Having external motivation never mattered much. But now, I appreciate the value it has and the role it plays.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Before we get into the details about what the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) rank means, let me share some of my own thoughts about what WA is. This will not be one of those review-type explanations but rather some of my own experiences and what WA has helped me to achieve.

In 2019, I was researching how to transition my offline business online and one Sunday evening, while browsing the internet, I came across a website about coffee. The owner of the website shared a little sidebar about the hosting platform he was using. It also had training and a community to help you learn how to start your own online business.

I was intrigued, mainly because I could try it for free and then decide if I wanted to invest. That very night, I chose a name for my 1st website and started my training.

What Does the Rank on Wealthy Affiliate Mean - Cassi Of Troy

As good as the training in WA is what has kept me there, 2 years later, is the global community of over 2 million members. I have been able, because of that, to establish a profitable online business in 1 year.

I have been ranking in the top 25 members and enjoying being an Ambassador for over 1 year, consistently.

How Many Ranks Are There?

There are hundreds of thousands of ranks!

When you get started in WA, you are encouraged to share some of your goals and a little about yourself as you build out your profile. As you share your goals, members of the community reach out to encourage and motivate you to get moving. You are invited to reach out to others as well.

What Does the Rank on Wealthy Affiliate Mean - Cassi Of Troy

This activity gets you engaged and soon you see yourself entering the ranks.

I remember when I saw my first ranking how excited I was. It is a motivating reward to recognise your efforts.

From there, how fast you climb and how far up the ranks you go is purely up to you. The more you engage, share with your blogs, comment and motivate others to learn and achieve, the faster you move.

How Do You Move Up The Ranks?

This is where things start to get exciting and motivating. The more active you are in the WA community the faster you will move through the ranks. This is how we rise – by lifting others. It is also how we grow and master the skills necessary to succeed online.

There are 2 very important activities that you master as you climb the ranks:

1. Welcoming New Members

New members enter WA, every day. Members may be Starter, Premium or Premium Plus. Starter Members begin for free and are allowed to work through the first 10 training classes in the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) program before making a decision.

What Does The Rank on Wealthy Affiliate Mean - Cassi Of Troy

Most Starter members do not wait that long, however. Most upgrade to Premium or Premium Plus within their first week. Members receive points for welcoming new members and for supporting them along their online journey.

2. Blogging Within the WA Community

In my 2 years in WA, I have written over 280 blog posts within the community. These blog posts provide motivation, inspiration and share my lessons as I continue to build my online business. The more you share within the community, the more comments and discussions you create.

The effect of this is that you become better known and respected within the community. You become somewhat of an authority and attract more likes. This helps to boost your content and of course, help you to rise in rank.

These 2 activities not only help you to rise in rank at WA but also teach you how to engage and manage comments and involvement. These are excellent skills to help you with your website.

What Is A Wealthy Affiliate Ambassador?

It took me just over 6 months of consistent participation to rise into the top 25 ranks and become an Ambassador in WA. I was not expecting it because it was not my focus. My participation and involvement in the community were rewarded and on 11 August 2020, I earned this badge of honour.

What Does The Rank on Wealthy Affiliate Mean - Cassi Of Troy

It truly is an honour to have received this badge as it gives you a certain amount of respect and credibility, especially if you are building out your online business in the MMO (Making Money Online) niche. Cassi Of Troy is my online brand and being a WA Ambassador shows members in my network that I have the necessary experience to help them succeed online.

There are 25 Ambassadors in Wealthy Affiliate and they are each successful, in their own way, online. The 3 top ranks are reserved for the owners of WA, Kyle and Carson and our resident Trainer, Jay (Magistudios).

Everything other rank is yours for the taking.

How Do You Stay An Ambassador?

I have been a WA Ambassador for 414 days, at the time of writing this blog post. It is not easy to maintain this high level of ranking and work on your business. There are days when I am unable to participate within the community as I would like but, on the days that I do, I invest a little extra time and effort to make up.

My rank has fluctuated between 9 (the highest) and 24. It does help me a lot though in promoting my online skills and my business. I enjoy the credibility that it brings.

There are also opportunities to provide training for WA members as you learn and become more experienced. This helps to boost your ranking. That also brings a different authority and skill set which again helps you become better online and build your reputation.

Most WA Ambassadors also provide comments for members about their websites and answer questions as they move through the 2 training programs.

Staying within the WA Ambassador ranks is your choice but I strongly advise not to sacrifice your business to achieve it. That is, after all, your primary and most important objective.

Closing Thoughts . . .

Becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate has changed my life and my lifestyle. There is no doubt about it. I have learned so much about being online and it has helped me to transition my business into a successful, virtual, service enterprise.

Perhaps I may have been able to achieve all of this elsewhere. There is one aspect of WA though that continues to propel me forward. It is the WA community.

The community has guided me and held my hand as I learned how to navigate the internet waters. Along the way, the members of the community have welcomed my sharing and teachings. These “gifts” as I call them have enabled me to pay it forward.

It is the essence of what it means to be a WA Ambassador and what the rank on Wealthy Affiliate really means, to me.

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