Is Wealthy Affiliate FREE?

Is Wealthy Affiliate FREE?

The answer is YES if you are asking, is Wealthy Affiliate free. You can start as a FREE member by entering your Username and Email Address. No credit card or payment is required. You can continue as a FREE member for as long as you like. To become sustainably successful, however, you do have 2 membership options.

Well, you actually have 4 membership options if you decide to invest in your training and you are serious about building a successful online business and leaving the 9 to 5 grind behind.

  • Monthly Premium Membership
  • Annual Premium Membership (with savings and added benefits)
  • Monthly Premium Plus Membership
  • Annual Premium Plus Membership

Which one you choose depends on the results you want and what you want to achieve.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Just in case you do not have a clear and firm handle on what Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is, allow me to bring you up to speed.

In essence, it is a community and the best way to describe is as a start to finish, one-stop community to learn how to start, build and grow an online business. For over 15 years, WA has been helping millions of people around the world do exactly that.

Everything that you need to get started is available on the platform and perhaps, the most attractive aspect is that you can get started for free. No down payment and no credit card. That is how I got started almost 2 years ago.

Of course, you can find a bucket full of other platforms online promising that you will get to the moon overnight. WA is not one of those though.

WA is for persons who want a professional career online.

No bling or false promises here.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?


Allow me to repeat that.


If you want to experience the platform before you make a decision all you are required to have the following information at hand and is sign up.

Get Started At Wealthy Affiliate

Once you are done, click the ‘Create Starter Account‘ button and you are in!

Once your account is created, you will be welcomed by one of the Founders of WA, Kyle or Carson and the WA Member, if any, who referred you.

AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER: Remember, WA teaches you to become a Content & Affiliate Marketer. They also have one of the best Affiliate Referral programs out there. So, if you get there by clicking through via a WA Member, they will become your WA coach and mentor. In addition, if you choose to upgrade to Premium or Premium Plus Membership, they will receive commissions.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth The Money?

At this point, we start to get into the paid membership categories.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

That is what happened to me when I first signed up for my Starter account at WA. I was searching for reputable and proven opportunities to start building an online business.

Starter membership gave me access to the community and the first10 lessons in the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC). At the end of lesson 4, my first website was up and I started to learn to write blog posts.

By the end of the week, I completed all 10 lessons and made a decision, that I am yet to regret, to invest and become a Premium Member.

The first month cost me USD $19.00 in 2019 and that has not changed.

Just before my first month expired, WA’s annual Black Friday Sale rolled out and I locked in my lifetime annual Premium membership fee. The guarantee is that this fee will never change, no matter how long I stay in WA.

Is It Beneficial To Upgrade?

Let me answer that question for you by asking you: “What do you want to achieve online?”

Again, I will keep going back to what you want to achieve. What are your desires, your goals and objectives? Ii was 200% certain that I wanted to build an online legacy and never return to the traditional work environment.

So, upgrading was the next best thing for me and I upgraded twice.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options
Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options - Training

In 2019, during the WA Black Friday Sale, I upgraded my membership to Annual Premium. The monthly fee is USD 49.00 and by paying yearly, I was able to save over USD $100.00 per year. In November 2020, I upgraded again to Premium Plus annually. I saved a lot by upgrading during the initial rollout of this membership and am now enjoying all the benefits and success that I leveraged as a result. After 1 year, I was making solid progress using WA and I was on my way to earning consistent monthly income. An upgrade gave me the opportunity to get access to more training and daily live classes with highly successful Super Affiliates.

These are WA members who were earning millions online and were sharing their how-to’s. That was the support I craved to take myself and my business to another level.

How Long Does It Take To Make Money?

I knew this would come up eventually. You probably scrolled down to look for this first and then went back to reading the blog post.

That is understandable. After all, it is what working online promises.

Another reminder is necessary here. WA teaches you to become a professional Content & Affiliate Marketer. There is the proviso that you are pursuing a career and that you are willing to invest the money, time and effort that are required to become successful.

You must DO the work and be passionate about what you are doing.

Once you do, I am confident that, with the support of a good leader and coach and the WA community, you will begin enjoying success in record time.

After 1 year at WA, by implementing what I had learned, I was enjoying income across 5 income streams:

  • Consulting Retainers
  • My WA Training Programs
  • Hosting and Managing Websites at WA
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Buying and Selling Domains

One month into my 2nd year, I added 2 more income streams:

  • E-Books and,
  • Google AdSense.

When Can I Leave My Day Job?

That is your decision.

For me, it was not giving up a day job but rather transitioning my income to online streams and building a profitable business. I am on a mission to create not just a business but a brand and a legacy for my daughter.

How I Earn A 5-Dight Income at Wealthy Affiliate

She has to find her own path and make her own success but I want to be able to give her some meaningful options and leverage in her future online world of almost 5 billion participants. Your goals and how much you invest into making them happen will determine when you leave your day job if you have one.

Every day, I see people start online and then slowly allow the excuses to creep in and get in the way of them achieving success. They SAY they want it but their mindset and behaviours are not aligned.

They are not congruent.

Working online affords you more opportunities than you can ever imagine. It really is up to you to do the work required.

It is not rocket science.

What Kind Of Success Do People Have?

Our WA community is filled with successes every day from people just like you who knew nothing about becoming an online entrepreneur, before joining WA.

Sharing Success Daily at Wealthy Affiliate

We share our successes and support each other by providing whatever is needed for improvement and achievement. Like anything in life, your success will depend on what you do and the choices that you make.

We have millionaires who continue to grow and scale and members now starting out who are happy earning the 1st commission from their 1st sale.

One thing is certain though, we celebrate every success, every day.

Once a year, WA hosts an all-expenses-paid (including spending money) conference in Las Vegas for all the WA Super Affiliates who have sold 300 or more WA memberships for the year.

WA has one of the best Affiliate Programs available and with so many people wanting to create an online business, it makes sense to capitalise on the opportunity.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are still with me and you have gotten this far then you are really serious about this opportunity and giving it the trail it deserves.

You have nothing to lose and a basket full of possibilities to gain.

Just think, in a year or 2 from now, you could be where I am today, with your own profitable website, sharing how happy you are to be enjoying the lifestyle that you do and welcoming new online entrepreneurs.

I am hearing you thinking though: “But what will I write about, Cassi?”

You could choose any niche (area of interest) and build a successful business online. We will go through all of that in our training at WA and, I am right by your side to guide you.

This is about changing your script and your life and lifestyle. It is about being able to finally live your life on your terms, the way YOU want to.

I Want to Live Life on My Terms

To get started, simply click on the image below:

Some Closing Thoughts . . .

We are currently living through one of the most life-changing events the world has ever seen.

You can choose to stay where you are and wait for something to happen to you to make your life better. Or, if you are like me, you can choose to take control of your life and MAKE what you want a reality for yourself.

Amidst everything that is happening around me, I wake every day knowing that I have secured a way to earn diversified income (even while I sleep or relax). What is even better is that, as more and more people take more oft heir activities online, it means even more opportunities for me to increase my earnings and grow my business.

This is a lifestyle that I can take with me anywhere, anytime.

Cassi Of Troy Founder

Is Wealthy Affiliate FREE?

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