How To Become An Expert In Your Field

What Is An Expert?

So, you want to be an expert. But, do you know what an expert is? Do you know how to become an expert in your field? Do you think of an expert as a “know-it-all” or a geek with thick glasses? In reality, neither one is true. There is no single definition or visual of an expert. Actually, you may well have all the characteristics of an expert and not know it.

Simply put, an expert is anyone who is very knowledgeable or skillful in a particular area (noun). Note that it does not say that you have to be academically qualified or schooled in a particular way. You just have to be very knowledgeable.

HOW you acquire that knowledge is up to you and at Live Well Affiliate, we can help you to become an expert in a field of your choice and monetize that expertise to support the learning and success of others. Exactly what I am doing here right now.

Becoming an expert in your field takes time and concerted effort. It may not be a straight, easy or over-night journey, but it can be a lucrative one. Financially, it could be one of the best paths that you have ever chosen as it will present you with many earning and learning opportunities and a chance to live a lifestyle full of freedom and flexibility.

Experts Do Research And Create Content

Remember being in school? How did you learn? You had a teacher who provided lectures and then directed you to your books to read and write reports about what you had heard and read. Right? Those steps do not change as you work towards becoming an expert in your field of choice. The tools you use and the methods may be different but the steps are the same.

STEP 1: Find a niche.

A niche is an area, topic or subject that you know about or have a deep interest in. A passion so to speak. Having a passion or love for your subject area (niche) is important because you will be spending a lot of time exploring all facets of it and then sharing your findings with others.

STEP 2: Research your niche.

Now that you know what your interest area (niche) is, you will want to ensure that you become very learned in the area. Strengthening the knowledge you already have will help you communicate with people who will come to you for advice and recommendations on your niche, supporting products and services. Remember that we want to monetize our expertise.

STEP 3: Create Content about your Niche

This is where you share your findings and research with your audience. What do you know about your niche? What answers can you provide to your audience for their questions and interest about your niche? What recommendations for products and services in your niche can you make to help others and provide solutions for their problems?

The path is simple: Research. Share your knowledge. Research some more. Share more of your knowledge.

You Do Not Have To Be An English Major

You may be thinking that you have to be an English Major to do this. The answer is no. You should be able to read, listen and watch to absorb learning and build on what you know. Through your research and practice, you will find your own style and way of expressing.

Writing is as easy as having a conversation with friends.

Think of talking with your co-workers, family and friends. You write as easily and freely as you would communicate with them. People appreciate simplicity in communication and the better you can do this, the more attractive you become to your audience.

If you are reading this on your cellphone, tablet or notebook, you are ahead of the game already. All the information that you need to do your research and writing is directly in front of you and in one place. It is Google, the world’s most powerful knowledge centre.

I am quite sure that you use Google every day without giving thought to how it could help you become an expert in your field of choice and help to monetize that knowledge to earn income and Live Well.

Create Opinions And Ideas. Earn Income.

With over 4 BILLION people using the internet today, there is no better time to create and share your opinions and ideas online. People come here to listen to the views of others, to share their own, to get a different perspective, to learn, to grow and to earn.

The internet is the global village’s largest store. Think about that. 4 BILLION people reaching out every day for ideas and suggestions about what to learn, eat, drink, wear, say and do. There is a market for any and every thing on the internet and with a group size of over 4 BILLION, you must find an audience for your knowledge.

I think of building content for my online businesses as spending time with my peers and friends sharing information and ideas about life and living. While having those discussions and conversations, references about a product or service may be made and that becomes an opportunity to extend a suggestion or advice on what to buy and where.

As easy as recommending a tie.

If they purchase something I recommend, I get a commission on the sale. Simple. To create that opportunity for myself though, I first have to share the knowledge I have acquired. No different to referring a friend to a great coffee shop that I found. The difference here is that I get a small fee for making that referral.

Find Your Niche. Find Your Future.

So, what is your passion? Is it being a Mum or Dad? Dance or music? Travel? Health & Fitness? Food? Lightbulbs? Cars? Boats? Homes? Medicine? Vitamins? Plants? Trees? Painting? Fishes? Swimming? Football? Fashion? Drawing? Painting? Electronics? Woodwork? Teaching? Pens? Cups? Paper? Wine? Rum? Clocks?

Any of these can be a niche or create many niches from which to choose. Wine, for example, has many parts. Choosing of the grape, growing the vine, picking the grapes, extracting the juice, fermenting it, adding tannin, bottling it, etc. One niche provides so many areas for further specialization, expertise building and income earning.

Once you find your niche and begin the journey towards becoming an expert the doors open to the possibilities of how you can monetize your knowledge and earn income to redefine your future.

Finding your niche could mean finding a future that speaks to a life fulfilled and a lifestyle cherished. The choice is yours.

Begin Your Expert Journey Today

Becoming an expert is possible. In 2019, I started to use my areas of expertise as a full-time online Marketing Consultant to help people get started in the world of Affiliate Marketing and monetizing their niches.

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  1. Hi Cassi,
    Your journey and the information in this article caught my attention from the start because of the questions it made me ask yourself as I read along. I have a better understanding of what is an expert? and if I am indeed an expert in any areas. This article is worth revising to assist me further. Thank you for the steps outlined.
    Job well done!!
    Lissy, ……… a Trinidadian

    • Lissy,

      Thank you for your visit to Live Well Affiliate and your feedback.
      It is my pleasure to support you.

      And you are from Trinidad also!


  2. Hello Cassi,
    Great Article, problem I have is i don’t consider myself an expert in anything…lol. I have no idea what niche I want to explore. I will figure something out eventually.

    • Hi Chuck,
      Thank you for stopping by at Live Well Affiliate.
      I am almost certain that you have the skills and knowledge to be or become an Expert in some aspect of what you do or have experienced.
      There is a process to work through to determine this and I would welcome the opportunity to share that with you.

      Interest is the first step.


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