What Is The Best Low Competition Niche For Blogging?

Choosing the best low competition niche for blogging is a crucial task. Every page of Google is filled with content. Whether it is technology, finance, DIY, home remedies, fun, cooking or entertainment. They all have good content. However, there are some evergreen and unique niche ideas that can still create profitable opportunities for blogging.

Niches such as renewable energy, online education and health and wellness offer many areas for research and offering unique, quality content for visitors. While these niches may be relevant today, they also offer different avenues to deep dive and grow with future developments, needs and wants.

Try not to choose a niche because you just have some interest. That will not be sustainable. Ideally, you should select a niche that you may have some passion for, skills in and experience with More importantly, choose a niche that will still have relevance in 5, 10, 15 or 20 years.

So, What’s A Low Competition Niche?

Let’s begin here.

A low competition niche is one with low search volume. Many high search volume traffic niches have already been capitalized on by the millions of bloggers on the internet. Many but, not all. The mistaken belief is that “all the good profitable niches have been taken.”

I will say that it has become harder in 2021, (than a blogger who started in 2008, for example), to find profitable low competition niches. Even though it may be a bit harder, it is definitely not impossible and well worth the effort you put in.

Low competition niches with high search volumes and profitability are what you are after. That means your niche should attract a lot of visitors (traffic) but not have a lot of bloggers going after the same audience.

How Do You Find Low Competition Niches and Keywords?

So, how do you find blogging niches and keywords that have less competition?


You go where the traffic is and find out what they are looking for.

So where is the traffic? Where are people looking for their products and information?

Google Dominates Internet Search - Cassi Of Troy

Yep, you got it!

Unfortunately, Google made some changes to their offerings and now it is a bit more difficult to obtain some metrics that may be useful. For example, instead of providing actual traffic volume numbers, they show ranges that could go from 1,000s to 100,000s.

You need more precision than that. That is why research tools like Jaaxy Enterprise are useful to find the data you need to make good decisions.

Research Tools Like Jaaxy Are Useful - Cassi Of Troy

I can use factors such as search volume, monthly traffic, number of competing websites to specifically target my niche and its popular keywords.

Which Blogging Niche Is Less Competitive in 2021?

As you research your niche, a good exercise is to narrow down (Break down) your niche into sub and micro-niches. This way you may also find less competitive areas for profitable blogging within seemingly competitive niches.

For example, health and fitness is a very popular and high competition niche. However, if you start to narrow it down, you can find personalized niches that you can easily customize and make your own.

  • Health and fitness can become;
  • Health and fitness for the busy CEO
  • Health and fitness for the single Mom
  • Health and fitness on the go
  • Health and fitness for travellers
  • Health and fitness for Millennials
Any Niche Can Be Good For Blogging - Cassi Of Troy

Applying this technique means that ANY niche can be less competitive and profitable in 2021.

What Are Some High-Volume, Low Competition Niches?

Let’s apply these techniques and find some high traffic volume and low competition niches.


Research the sub-niches as shown previously. This is one of the most researched blogging niches on the internet. The need to stay fit, look young, diet and work out keeps increasing. This is more so since the start of the pandemic in 2019 and stay-at-home orders around the world.

This is a major reason why health and fitness is one of the most profitable blogging niches with some of the highest traffic.


This field is constantly evolving, as there are tons of ways to make money. This is one of the blog niches that need to be researched in more detail. Having knowledge of personal finance, stock markets, foreign exchange market, etc can prove to be a boost to your blog.



Family Staycation Niche - Cassi Of Troy
Eco-Friendly Homes Niche - Cassi Of Troy

Which Niche Is Evergreen And Searched A Lot?

While providing a list of niches that an online business will always thrive in is certainly possible, it’s also valuable to consider the qualities of an evergreen niche. Understanding the logic behind this concept will make taking advantage of it easier.

Evergreen online business niches are popular because:

  • They make money year after year.
  • They do not need aggressive marketing.
  • They represent lower investment risk.
  • They offer the potential for long-term profit.

To identify an evergreen niche, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does it address an intrinsic human problem or interest?
  • Does its appeal have an expiration date?
  • Is it conducive to growth and profit?

Some examples of evergreen niches are:

  • Health and weight loss
  • Mental health
  • Sports and hobbies
  • Gaming
  • Technology
  • Relationships and dating

What Is The Best Niche For Blogging For Beginners?

As you can see, all niches are the best niches for a suitable audience. Yes, the trends may change but there are various topics and elements in a person’s life and any niche can attract anybody if your content and presentation are good.

That is an important point to note. Your content must be original and of high quality.

If you don’t have the passion for a particular niche and you are blogging on that topic just because it is trending, you will get tired of it and soon pack it in. The internet is a gravesite for websites and blogs with almost 90% of them being inactive.

Inactive Websites On The Internet - Cassi Of Troy

On the other hand, if you choose a niche you are well adapted to, you can write unlimited quality content and present it in a unique way that will attract more audiences.

Some Closing Thoughts . . .

To push past your initial reaction to choose a niche that “makes a lot of money” you must remember that whatever niche you have chosen, needs to inspire and motivate you every day. You will be living with it, feeding it, growing it and expecting it to do the same for you.

When I started blogging and Affiliate Marketing in 2019, my passions were not a high priority for me. I was busy doing life, all the routine things that keep you away from thinking about your passion and working on it.

Before I was able to tap into my passion to decide on my niche, I had to rediscover it. This is a critical step in the decision-making process for finding a niche that many of you may miss. Yet, it could well determine your level of success.

Begin your decision-making process with you in mind. Think about your goals, dreams, passions and aspirations.

Do not fall emotionally into the bucket of bling, glitter, and money. If you make the best choice for yourself, your investment will not only provide sustainability and success but never-ending joy as well.

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