The Life Of An Affiliate Marketer – 7 Things You Should Expect

Prior to October 2019, I had no idea what affiliate marketing was. The impetus for me looking towards the internet to explore business opportunities was quite selfish. Along the way, I discovered that the life of an affiliate marketer was not only full of financial gain but personal rewards that changed my life, for the better. In this blog post, I will share with you 7 things you should expect when you decide to pursue affiliate marketing.

It presents you with an opportunity to:

  • learn expansively,
  • network around the world,
  • help others to change their lives in a meaningful way,
  • gain recognition for your knowledge,
  • become an authority,
  • coach and mentor others and,
  • enjoy a lifestyle that is admired by many.

1. Learn Expansively

  • Do you enjoy learning?
  • Would you like to travel along a never-ending journey of growth, personal development and diversified learning?
  • Is sharing your own lessons, experiences, education and ideas something that you find appealing?
  • Do you enjoy seeing others succeed and supporting their growth and success?

If you answer yes to 1 or more of these questions then becoming an affiliate marketer may well be the lifestyle for you. Note that I said “lifestyle” not career, job or position. This is a labour of love. A journey that helps you to discover your passions and live your dreams.

Yes, it is true.

To begin though, you must be committed to learning.

Now that I am a successful affiliate marketer, I am always disappointed when I see the profession being touted as a get-rich-quick, money-making endeavour. There is money to be made but it will be short-lived if you are not committed to your long-term learning and development.

Affiliate marketing opens up an expansive world of knowledge. Everything from niches (interests) to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

It is. by far, one of the best ways to expand your knowledge that I have come across in my, over 35, years of work.

2. Network Around The World

Here’s another question for you.

Do you like to travel and learn about different cultures and people’s way of life and living?

As an affiliate marketer, you can do that every day through your interactions, communication and discussions with fellow professionals.

The Life Of An Affiliate Marketer

I was fortunate to discover and join one of the world’s largest and most supportive content and affiliate marketing communities on the internet. Each day, we share our experience, help each other progress and achieve, share our challenges and success and celebrate our wins.

Through that community and encountering other like-minded, progressive affiliate marketers on internet sites and social media platforms, I have created a global network that is available to me 24/7.

As you begin learning, you are directed to successful professionals who are open to sharing their learning and ideas which help to guide you and save you from some of the most common and detrimental mistakes.

This diverse networking opens your mind to inspiration and challenges you to achieve and become more.

You also soon realise that, regardless of where we are from, at the end of the day, we are human beings with the same dreams, wants, needs and challenges.

It is a big help to know that you are not alone.

3. Help Others Change Their Lives

Effective Content & Affiliate Marketers and Bloggers do this almost effortlessly.

There is power in words which is why books, magazines, movies and music are always in demand. We cannot seem to get enough. Through our content, we are able to tell empowering and life changing-stories that enable others and facilitate change.

Some time ago, I had the honour of helping an old friend who I had not seen since we left school in England in the 80s. We were connected on Facebook and very quietly she followed by posts about my new-found career and online businesses.

Then, one day, she reached out to me with a simple messaging saying that her livelihood was suffering because of closure during the pandemic. She needed help to transition to online and working virtually.

Needless to say, I did not hesitate to lend a helping hand.

There was a small proviso though.

The Life Of An Affiliate Marketer

Instead of fishing for her, I decided to teach her to fish and help her to transition her business. She wrote content and sent it to me to edit. I helped her to learn how to write using intent keywords.

In less than 6 months, she welcomed not just 1 new client but 3!

Being the sole breadwinner, this was a much-needed new beginning that helped her to change her life and lifestyle. The feeling that accompanied her success was priceless.

4. Gain Recognition For Your Knowledge

As vast as the internet is, with over 4.5 billion users, your story, experience and knowledge are unique. We may experience the same things but we will tell them differently. There is a lot of power in that.

When you tell your story and put your own twist and turns to it, it will spark something different. That is the uniqueness that you bring to the table. Your knowledge has its own value on the internet.

Test it out.

Google something of interest and see how many pages Google, Bing and Yahoo throw at you. Then go to YouTube and find hundreds more on the same topic.

No two people see the same thing, hear the same thing, write or speak the same thing. The way you express your knowledge may have little impact on John but a profound one on Janet. That is the beauty that lies in diversity and why I firmly believe that we should each share our knowledge.

You create a legacy when you do and your words may have a life-changing effect that could outlive you.

5. Become An Authority

Have you noticed that I have not written anything about money?

That’s because, if you do all these things well, the money will flow naturally. Your integrity and authenticity will shine through and keep attracting visitors and traffic to your content.

As you are indexed and ranked by the search engines, you become an authority. People start to look for you and share your content, reviews, ideas, inspiration and success.

I never thought about myself as an authority. Sure, like you, I have opinions that are supported by my experiences and learning but seeing myself as an authority, a go-to person of credibility, was never in the cards. Until I began my journey of becoming a Content & Affiliate Marketer.

It seemed that I did not do anything out of the ordinary. Nothing that you or anyone else for that matter cannot do. I simply found and followed great training when I became a member of a supportive online community.

It is hard to walk away from success when it surrounds you, embraces your objectives and provides the lens for you to see your value and nurture your strengths.

Through dedicated training and support, I have been able to find not 1 but 4 different niches to grow as an authority.

It is a great feeling!

6. Be A Coach And Mentor To Others

As you grow within the field of affiliate marketing, expand your network and write more content, you become acknowledged and recognised for your style, authenticity, creativity and inspiration. This, of course, attracts traffic and your visitors share your content.

Soon you become known for your ability to support, engage, inspire and motivate. These are the tenants of an effective and sort after coach.

I have been a trainer for over 30 years – everything from computer programs to behavioural change. Those years and experiences did not prepare me for becoming an Online Coach though. It took me by surprise.

According to Grammarly, as of today, I have written over 900,000 words during the past 65 weeks. That averages about 2,000 words per day or 450 pieces of content. (I actually have about 350 blog posts across my 4 websites.)

Add to the fact that I share my content across some of the major social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, you can understand how possible it is to become a well-known authority over time.

I do enjoy coaching and helping other emerging entrepreneurs find their passion, joy and success.

7. Enjoy A Lifestyle That Is Admired

I began working in the brick-and-mortar corporate world at the age of 19 years. My university gap year was used to begin my actuarial internship and I travelled from England back home to my birth country for that year.

The year never ended and I did not return to university. Instead, I continued to work and study and over the years, (and many country stints later), I was able to start my own business and rise to sit in executive boardrooms.

Even with all those successes, I was not fully satisfied. Somehow, that daily 9-to-5, Monday-to-Friday, 11 months of the year grind seemed to make no sense to me at all.

Starting at 19 and having to wait until I was 60 or 65 years old to start living life on my terms was not what I had in mind.

When my daughter was born, I made a decision that I was going to begin to transition my lifestyle and change how work was positioned in my life. As a single-parent also, I needed to have the flexibility to be there for my daughter when she needed me.

The Life Of An Affiliate Marketer

Working online has helped me to achieve a lifestyle of flexibility, mobility and global support that I could never have envisioned, let alone experienced, in a fixed, offline job.

In addition, I enjoy unlimited earnings and income across multiple streams of income.

It is a lifestyle that many people dream of but struggle to attain yet, it is achievable and well within reach.

There Is No Better Time To Take That First Step

The brick-and-mortar world as we knew it HAS changed. It will never go back to being what you knew.

With over 4.5 billion people online – more than half of the world’s population – the opportunities and possibilities to learn, grow, earn and succeeded are limited only by your imagination.

This IS the time to get started, whether you are doing it as a hobby, side hustle or full-on business venture. There is much, much more to gain and nothing to lose.

Click here if you would like to explore, how to become a professional Content & Affiliate Marketer.

Get started for free, (no credit card required), today.

Cassi Of Troy


Content & Affiliate Marketer, Blogger, Management Consultant, Traveller, Online Entrepreneur, Coach & Mentor.

I currently live in my Birth Country, Trinidad, and I am the proud mother of a charming 11-year old. She is a very talented Dancer, Ballerina, Moko Jumbie and Swimmer.

As an Entrepreneur, I have started businesses in New Zealand, the USA and here in Trinidad. I have lived and worked all over the world – England, USA, Africa, New Zealand, Central America, (to name a few).

We LOVE! to travel and explore cultures.

In October 2019, after drifting around the internet, I launched my Digital Entrepreneur Footprint with Wealthy Affiliate.

Today I manage 3 profitable websites, coach other Digital Entrepreneurs, design training programs to strengthen the personal leadership required for business and, I educate my daughter through travel and other human and cultural experiences.

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4 thoughts on “The Life Of An Affiliate Marketer – 7 Things You Should Expect”

  1. Hi Cassandra,

    There is no growth without hard work, at the same time smart work beats hard work but both can help you overcome as many obstacles as you have. I am motivated to keep working and build, and more inspired to try and share more with new affiliates.
    I feel I also joined for selfish reasons but your article helps me to recognize the importance of being in this game not only for selfish reasons.
    It is actually a bonus to be able to help others. I remember the gratification one gets from helping.
    I am looking forwards to experiencing some of the seven things you experienced and look forwards to living the lifestyle.


    • One of the most rewarding professions is one of service to others, Ntlhane.

      Before I started my online journey, I had no idea that being a professional Publisher and Creator could be so helpful and rewarding.
      So many people have helped me – and continue to do so.
      I cannot do it alone.

      The moment you embrace that, your life changes forever.

      Thank you for your time and for sharing your motivating words.

      I wish you the very best.


  2. Excellent article on what it takes to expand our business as well as expand ourselves. When we know our purpose and it is aligned with our core values, we are best positioned to serve others in meaningful ways. This leads to success in many areas of our lives as it is who we become in the process, and not only the results we achieve.

    All the very Best.

    • You have summed it up so very well, Joseph.

      “it is who we BECOME in the process” that makes this all so meaningful and rewarding.
      It is a journey of love, commitment and community.

      Thank you for your time and feedback.



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