What Does ‘Find Your Niche’ Mean?

What Does ‘Find Your Niche‘ Mean?

Find your niche‘ means to decide on what segment of a market you want to build your business around. It is a specialised area that has its own unique characteristics. As you highlight these characteristics, you are able to attract unique customers for your products or services.

Finding your niche in Content and Affiliate Marketing is very important. It is an aspect of the business that many people brush over very quickly. This can be detrimental to your success online. Taking your time to ensure that you choose a niche that is sustainable and evergreen should be a priority for you.

In this article, I will share a few tips and techniques to help you better understand what a niche is and choose one that will be a good fit for you. Once you do this, making your business a success will not seem like a job but rather a joy.

Nitch or Neesh?

The pronunciation depends on which side of the pond you come from. Both are considered correct.

If your native tongue comes from British English, you will most likely say “knee-shh“. Americans and Canadians tend to use the older and more common pronunciation – “knit-ch“. Either way, they both have the same meaning.

Niche is borrowed directly from the French and means a cavity, cage or compartment. This makes sense when we place the word into the context of a market segment. It is a compartment, a smaller area of something larger.

Given that both pronunciations are acceptable, what matters most is that you understand the meaning.

Let’s Explore Your Interests

Okay, so you understand what a niche and now you want to find your own. Truth be told, you will discover many niches. I didn’t quite get that when I started building my online business but it does make sense when you think about it.

Let’s do some work and explore your interests to help you find your niche(s).

Get a blank piece of paper, (we are starting fresh), and a pencil. you can also grab a few coloured pencils if you like. This exercise can be done on a whiteboard if you prefer. What is important is that you use as many senses as you can to connect with your thoughts and feelings.

What Does 'Find Your Niche' Mean? - Cassi Of Troy

Follow the steps below.

This is adapted from the Wheel of Life exercise that many of you may already be familiar with. It helps you to understand how your life is balanced and what the key contributors to it are.

What Does 'Find Your Niche' Mean? - Cassi Of Troy

From my 6 interest areas, you can get a sense of what is important to me and what I think I am good at or have some skills and expertise in. I actually used these exercises to help me start my online business and I continue to expand on them today.

Strip Down Your Interests

Now that you have identified some areas of interest, skill and/or expertise for yourself, you have to dig a little deeper to find your niche. Remember, a niche is a specific or unique area of a market, not the entire market.

My first website was designed to help me transition my offline business to the online community. So, I took the ‘Work/Career‘ piece of the pie and stripped it down.

What Does 'Find Your Niche' Mean? - Cassi Of Troy

As I deep dived into my area of interest, I realised that it straddled another area of interest, ‘Family‘. This happens as most things are not done in isolation. Keep your mind open to these kinds of discoveries.

Behaviour Change‘ is one of my areas of expertise as a Change Facilitator. I love researching it, reading about it, writing about it and doing training and development programs to help others go through it. In today’s world, it is a highly sort-after life skill.

This is the niche that I chose for my website. I narrowed it down even further and now target a market described as:

Generation X professionals in their 50s who want to transition out of traditional corporate life and create passive and multiple streams of income online to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

– Cassi Of Troy

A Niche Requires Depth

I trust that you are understanding the effort required to find your niche. It is much like baking a cake. Most of your time is occupied with the selection and bringing together of your ingredients. The quality of the ingredients you select and how you put them together will determine how good your cake is.

It is similar to a niche.

Although millions of people may be in the food arena, fewer of them may be sharing content about different types of cassava flour for baking cakes, for example. Within this niche, your website could have:

  • recipes,
  • how cassava is grown,
  • where cassava is grown,
  • processing cassava,
  • organic cassava,
  • grinding cassava,
  • packaging cassava
  • the health benefits of cassava, and so on.

Each topic will provide you with hundreds of titles to write about, build your online business around, grow your traffic and earn income through monetisation.

Research Your Niche In Google

After narrowing down your niche even further, head over to Google to do some research. Although you may think that your niche is fun, interesting and lucrative that requires some confirmation. Google is the largest search engine with over 3.5 BILLION SEARCHES PER DAY!

Testing out your ideas in Google will also lead you to some deeper and perhaps unique areas of your niche that you haven’t yet considered.

What Does 'Find Your Niche' Mean? - Cassi Of Troy

Lets’ go back to cassava.

There are topics there that I have never considered such as:

  • the shelf life of cassava flour
  • the nutritional value
  • the glycemic index and,
  • a substitute for cassava flour.

These examples show how many avenues and ideas there may be to help you find your niche. Google is just one search engine. Many people look to Amazon to search for what people are purchasing in their areas of interest and chosen niche. This may not be a bad idea as it will help you to monetise your website later on.

The process is the same regardless of where you look.

Closing Thoughts . . .

Working online is very similar to working offline. ‘Find your niche‘ means finding your industry and career. Offline, you would break down your career into a job and your job into tasks. You may choose to specialise by mastering certain jobs or tasks.

In the same way, a house builder can be good at framing a house but an expert at building furniture, an Online Entrepreneur may be good at navigating the internet but choose to specialise in creating a website that specialises in the niche of organic cassava flour for baking high-end Christmas cakes.

Each – offline and on – chooses to specialise and direct their efforts to a smaller segment of the market becoming recognised as an authority in their field.

When I started online, I did not know what my niche would be. Today, I have built 3 specialised niches and I have a few more planned as I scale and expand my business over the next few years.

It is a legacy I am leaving for my daughter who may well further expand our niches into the things that interest her and that she is good at such as ballet, local culture, art, music and contemporary dance.

The possibilities are as wide and deep as your imagination.

Are You Ready To Find Your Niche?

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