How Much Money Can You Make From Website Traffic?

How Much Money Can You Make From Website Traffic?

I am always asked: “How much money can you make from website traffic?” Quite frankly, there is no limit to what you can earn. What will determine your income is how much traffic you have and how you diversify your income streams with your traffic. Good low to high averages are $2,000. to $10,000. monthly.

The 2 most important things when it comes to monetizing your website are:

  1. Building a solid and consistent amount of traffic and,
  2. Diversifying your income.

Timing is everything and knowing when to monetize is also important. So often, I have seen people start to build their website and then move quickly to monetize it.

They have little traffic, only a few blog posts on their website yet, there are spending their time getting frustrated because every door they knock on refuses to open.

The frustration then leads them to give up and conclude that build a successful online business is impossible.

It is not.

How Do You Build Website Traffic?

Let’s start at the beginning, building website traffic.

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Now, I am moving forward with the proviso that you know all about websites, blogs, visitors and how the online world works. These fundamentals are important for you to better grasp what we are discussing here.

Internet traffic is just like the traffic that walks through a mall. It is also human.

The mall is the internet, your website is a store in the mall [internet] and the visitors to the mall [internet] and your website [store] are collectively called traffic.

If you want people to read your blogs [website inventory] and purchase your products and services, you need to get them in. This means, just like a physical store, you have to engage them and make their visit attractive and worth their while.

Your website will get higher traffic if it gives people what they are looking for – just like a physical store.

What Niche Works Best For Traffic?

A physical store will sell a particular brand or group of items or services. For example, a pharmacy, a bakery, a recruitment firm or a hospital.

Your website will also have a niche or particular grouping based on the interests, products or services of the owner(s). For example, you are now reading this blog on a website that is designed for people who are interested in Making Money Online or the MMO niche.

There are websites in every niche that you can imagine just like there are physical stores for every need, interest, product or service that you can think of.

Any niche can attract a high volume of traffic and be profitable but some are what we call, evergreen niches.

  • MMO
  • Weight Loss
  • Anti-Ageing
  • Parenting
  • Cooking
  • Relationships

Deep-dive into these niches, apply your interest and passion and you could well be on your way to launching a new career.

When Should You Start to Monetize Your Traffic?

There are 2 schools of thought here.

  • Monetize when you have a certain number of blogs on your website or,
  • Monetise when you have a certain minimum number of visitors.

From experience, my suggestion is that you use the following criteria.

  • 100-150 quality blog posts on your niche website.
  • A mature website, between 6-9 months old and,
  • About 1,000 visitors, from organic Google traffic, per day.

That is what I call the “Sweet Spot Formula” for monetizing a website.

Of course, you can do attempt to do that sooner but remember, I am talking about building a successful, sustainable online business. I am not referring to fly-by-night, quick money fixes.

This is how to build a real online business as an entrepreneur or professional publisher.

With this formula satisfied, it is easy to earn money from multiple income sources. That way, in the event that one weakens or falls short, you have other pillars to hold you up.

How Much Can You Earn From Ads?

The real objective is to achieve the goal of at least 30,000 visitors per month to your website, from organic Google traffic.

I very rarely use Google AdSense. With that volume of traffic, I could easily receive $20-$30 per 1,000 views in advertising revenue from Ezoic or Mediavine. That is a minimum of $600-$900 per month from this one source, alone.

Other ad placements on your website could include those for other websites, e-books and seasonal promotions. All of these ads are prospective income earners for you.

The ads could have affiliate links that will earn you a commission once your visitor clicks through and makes a purchase. With ad links like that, a good earning estimate is about $50-$75 per 1,000 visits. That is about $1,500-$2,250 per month.

So, your ad revenue could be between $2,100-$3,150 per month.

As a comparison, the highest US minimum wage per hour is $14.00 in California. A 40-hour workweek means earning $2,426.67, BEFORE taxes and deductions.

Do You Need Affiliate Links?

No, you do not NEED to have affiliate links in your blog posts.

However, with high monthly organic traffic in your niche, you would be cheating yourself if you did not join affiliate networks and programs and include affiliate links.

So, what kind of affiliate programs should you look for?

Well, ones related to your niche for starters.

This website is about helping people learn to make money by starting and building an online business. There are needs in there to support the business such as training, hosting, domains, coaching, writing tools and support that can be bought.

Don't get caught plagiarizing

2 of the best affiliate programs are Wealthy Affiliate and Grammarly. Once a visitor clicks through from a post on your website and makes a purchase, you will get an affiliate (referral) commission. Better yet, with both these affiliate programs, your referral does not even have to make a purchase.

Signing up for each one is FREE and once your visitor clicks through and sets up an account, you get a small commission which adds up over time.

Is a Mailing List Necessary?

I know that some people say email marketing is dead but I beg to differ.

Email marketing still has many benefits and I always suggest that you get started building your email list when you start building your online business.

There are quite a few benefits that you can enjoy.

When you link your website to your email list and vice versa, you can generate increased traffic to your website which eventually means increased income.

Every time you write a new blog, develop the habit of sending it to your email list members. People go through their emails regularly, many at least once a day.

When they come across something that is interesting or that can be helpful, they tend to forward it to their network, who in turn forward it to theirs.

Everyone may not click through to your website but, the ones who do may well become visitors who enjoy your content and make a purchase from one of your affiliate links.

All these activities mean additional traffic and increased revenue for you.

Some Closing Thoughts . . .

I have always enjoyed writing and I have a range of interests and hobbies.

Prior to starting my online business, I gave no thought to the fact that I could use these skills and knowledge to earn income. Actually, I had no clue how everything worked. Seeing all the promotions about starting a website and using it to create a passive income stream did pique my interest.

How much money CAN you make from website traffic, I wondered.

There was also the thinking that it was hard to achieve and I would probably fall flat on my face. But, thankfully, I found a great global community in 2019 and was able to learn everything I needed to.

Understanding how the internet worked and all the possibilities for starting a website, building traffic and monetizing it came easily thanks, in no small part, to the community and amazing 15-year old platform with over 2 million members.

Today, I enjoy consistent traffic growth and income from 8 sources – all passive.

That means, while I live, sleep, travel and enjoy my lifestyle, I have all the funding that I need.

If you enjoyed reading this blog, then just think that 1 year from now, someone could be reading your blog and contributing to your online success while you earn passive income.

You will never know the possibilities unless you give it a shot.

I will be there to hold your hand.

Click on the image below to register your FREE account and get started.

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