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Things To Do When You Retire Early

Are You Holding It Together?

If you are like the majority of the world’s working population, you are pushing through at work with the expectation that you will be able to hold it together until you reach your retirement age, receive a pension and then rock back to use whatever time and money you have left trying to find something to do to help you enjoy those winter years.

The truth is, there are many things to do when you retire early and you should really be giving that some serious consideration, now. Nothing is permanent anymore but one thing seems to be certain: The internet is growing exponentially and with over half of the world’s population here, you need to learn to earn online.

Having the opportunity to start FREE, today, could positively impact your life and your future and ensure that you live well, throughout retirement.


Is Retirement Even An Option?

At what age are you planning to retire?

Perhaps I should rephrase that and ask you: At what age will you be able to retire? There is a significant difference.

During a webinar recently, someone asked a very important question. We were discussing retirement planning when he suddenly blurted out:

Is retirement even ON the table?!?!”

Everyone went dead silent and then he began explaining that there is such a fundamental shift taking place in the work arena, having the opportunity to work with an employer until you retire may well be a thing of the past – unless that employer is you.

Is retirement even an option?


And, he is right.

Even prior to the world as we know it now, there were phenomenal shifts in the world of work. Thanks to technological advancements, there are significant improvements in the way we work. A lot has been digitized and we can enjoy greater efficiency and productivity. This continuous change has also brought a life-changing shift in the way we buy, sell and earn.

And therein lies the potential for us to totally redesign what we consider to be work, how we earn from our work and when we decide to call it quits. It does not have to be left to chance and we can obtain and retain full control of our lives and our journey.

Leave The Madding Crowd Behind

According to research from Statista:

“. . . the U.S. population is ageing rapidly, which means that seniors will account for a greater proportion of the population in the future. This demographic change will put pressure on government resources because the workforce whose tax dollars pay for social benefits will make up a smaller percentage of the population than now. Americans who are 65 years and older are the demographic group estimated to grow the most over the next 40 years, whereas the other groups will mostly remain the same.”

There appears to be a similar trend in the UK and in other countries around the world.

What does this mean for you?

With the population ageing and growing in numbers and the job volatility in the market increasing, it makes sense to start planning early for your retirement and to manage this yourself. Life expectancy is rising but so is the cost of healthcare, which is where most of your expenditure will go as you age.

The sooner you are able to step aside and invest in your financial future and well-being, the better it will be for you to secure a future and a lifestyle that is not just comfortable, but progressive.

The Biggest World Of Opportunities

As of July 2020, there were over 4.5 billion internet users. That is almost 60% of the world’s population. This number is expected to increase exponentially in the next few years.

Global digital population July 2020

It is impossible to imagine life without the internet. It has become a core pillar for communication, trade, economic development, education and information. It is also the largest market ever known and one of the most effective environments in which you can learn to build a business and earn a sustainable income, for life.

You can have a business in any niche market that you can imagine on the internet. If you can think it and you are passionate about it, it can be your lifeline to a much better future for your and your family.

Navigating through this maze can be very intimidating. Thankfully, there are platforms and communities that are genuinely open to helping you to learn and earn online.

It took me a couple of years to do my research and try a few of the platforms available. Thankfully, it did not take me long and I did not spend (or lose) a ton of money during my search.

Retire Early, Happy and Successful

That is exactly what I did!

In 2019, I “retired” in my early 50s and embarked on a lifestyle career to build an online business legacy for my daughter. Just over 1 year later, I have a diversified stream of online income and I also coach new and experienced online entrepreneurs.

5 Income Streams Are On The Rise


So, here are just a few of the things that I now do, having retired early:


Currently, I have 3 websites of my own across different niches: Personal Development (made simple), Lifestyle and Well-Being and Content & Affiliate Marketing.

I am also an Ambassador with Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and ranked 11th in the world within the WA Community of over 2M Digital Entrepreneurs around the world. Within our WA Community, I support both new and experienced entrepreneurs and recently started to design and implement my own brand of training programs for the Community.

Flip Domains

Yep! This is exactly what it says. I buy and sell domains. If writing is not your thing (yet) then this is one of the easiest ways to start earning an income on the internet.

To-date I have flipped 3 domains, purchasing each for less than USD 15.00 and selling for between USD 500 – USD 1,200 in less than a year. My profit has been reinvested in new domains that I will either flip or develop into lucrative income-generating online businesses.

Affiliate Marketing

In the same way that you may earn commissions or gifts for referring a customer to an offline business, online businesses afford you the opportunity to earn affiliate commissions for referring visitors to products and services. From being an Amazon Associate to Google AdSense and high-ticket dropshipping, your income bucket is bottomless on the internet.

You are just a click away from your customers and clients.


With the ability to host numerous domains and websites, I am able to provide these services at very affordable fees to my Clients. This includes 24/7 technical support, upgrades and all the additional services needed to manage your business online.

In addition, have received my certification as an Online Entrepreneur, I can also direct and manage Social Media campaigns, keyword research for SEO and business planning.

How Did I Get Started?

The same way that you can – for FREE.

Wealthy Affiliate is, by far, the most credible and dynamic platform to learn about earning in the World Wide Web. The best thing was that I started for FREE. No credit card or payment of any kind.

The first 10 lessons as a Starter Member are also FREE and by the end of your first 10 lessons, you will have your website up and running.

I did not wait to upgrade to Premium Membership and today, just over one year later, I have moved from zero online earnings to a 5-digit (growing) income.



If you are seriously interested in becoming a Digital Entrepreneur, I invite you to start learning at Wealthy Affiliate University, today. I will be more than happy to coach and support you.

Cassandra PatrovaniThis is home to two (2) world-travelling, youthful, life-loving and committed Caribbean women – Cassi, a Baby Boomer Dragon Gemini preparing to transition into being a full-time Digital Entrepreneur/Writer/Photographer and, Zafi, a Generation Alpha Tiger Aquarian who has already found her life passion in the realm of dance and music.

Together, we discovered Affiliate Marketing and now enjoy building and growing our lives full of genuine community, learning, support, networking and earning – on our terms and at our leisure.


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