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5 Ways To Earn Money In Your 1st Year In Wealthy Affiliate

This blog started out as a dedication to Elon Musk. Then, a question came into my private message box asking if there were any ways to earn money in your 1st year in Wealthy Affiliate (WA). So, I digressed. WA teaches you so many skills that it was hard to choose but I am going to share the top 5 ways I earned money in my 1st year.

Quick summary.

I knew nothing about starting or building an online business when I joined WA in October 2019. Back then, I would look on in awe and wonder if all the hype and boast had any truth to them. Could it be as easy as everyone kept saying it was?

The demands of corporate life and balancing being a Single Mom with a business and goals of her own were starting to get to me. But, making the transition into a totally different profession (yes, it really is a profession) was also daunting.

The truth is, I did not want to start all over – again!

Opportunity – When The Student Is Ready

Then opportunity struck!

When The Student Is Ready - Cassi Of Troy

I was already working through some courses on Copywriting and Content Writing when I came across Wealthy Affiliate on a Sunday evening. I was looking for coffee and saw the Blogger (owner of the website) sharing a little ad about he made money online. Out of curiosity, I clicked through.

It remains one of the best decisions and investments I have ever made and has led to me being able to earn a very decent income from my online adventures. Currently, I make money online from these initiatives:

  1. Copywriting for Clients around the world.
  2. Managing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) initiatives via my boutique advisory firm.
  3. Coaching and Mastermind programs with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.
  4. Helping people launch their online strategies and build their online brand.
  5. Affiliate and Content Marketing.
  6. Flipping Domains.
  7. Advertising on my websites.

All of these skills I have learned from WA.

I no longer have to pay, out-of-pocket, for my annual Premium Plus membership in WA as I also earn an income within WA doing the following 5 things.

1. Create Training Resources

After being a Premium or Premium Plus member of WA for 3 successive months, you become eligible to create training resources to support members with their online journey. These training resources could be:

  • Tutorials
  • Webinars
  • Videos
  • Courses

Even a mixture of these modalities.

What I like about this is that it creates a safe space for you to practice your presentation skills while sharing with members. You get comments and feedback and can improve as you learn and strengthen your confidence. It is a Udemy within the community.

You can find training on literally everything!

  • Keyword, Niche and Market Research
  • WordPress
  • Writing Content
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Building a Brand
  • Getting Organised
  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting

And hundreds more topics.

How You Earn Income

As your training is viewed and liked you will progress through different levels. The more it is viewed and liked, the quicker you progress to the next level and at each level, you will earn what is called Cash Credits. This means you can cash your credit out for cash.

  • Level 1 – 10 Cash Credits ($5.00 Cash Value)
  • Level 2 – 20 Cash Credits ($10.00 Cash Value)
  • Level 3 – 30 Cash Credits ($15.00 Cash Value)
  • Level 4 – 40 Cash Credits ($20.00 Cash Value)

The credit levels never end.

2. Certified Site Commenter

You are not time-barred here. Every Premium and Premium Plus member in WA has the opportunity to become a Certified Site Commenter and earn cash for their comments.

To become certified you will have to do 3 things:

  1. Submit 50 comments as requested by members for their blogs and websites.
  2. Achieve a Comment Approval of 80% or higher and,
  3. Get a Skip Rate of 20% or less.

    The process is not at all difficult and can be easily achieved in a week or less. The comments you provide go a long way to helping members and giving them feedback on their writing, communication, intent, design, etc. In essence, you are facilitating their learning and growth and doing the same for yourself.

    How You Earn Income

    For every 2 comments, you offer to members’ blogs, you will earn $0.50 Cash Credit on one plus 1 Community Credit on the other. That means you can earn 20 Cash Credits ($10 cash value) for every 40 comments offered to blogs.

    Your 20 Community Credits can be used within WA to request comments for your own blog posts and website.

    3. Free Starter Member Profile Setup

    The referral program in Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best in the industry. Commissions are lifetime and recurring. This means that once you refer someone to WA and they join the community, you will receive commissions on a variety of their purchases for the rest of your life.

    This begins with your Starter Referral (a new member who has joined for free and not yet upgraded to be a paying member) setting up their WA profile.

    Cassi Of Troy Wealthy Affiliate Profile

    This means:

    1. Adding a profile photo.
    2. Providing a brief bio of yourself.
    3. Setting your first 3 goals.
    4. Commenting on another new member’s goals.

    How You Earn Income

    Every time a new referral of yours joins WA and completes their profile 100%, you receive a $1.00 cash commission, paid instantly.

    4. Referral Upgrades to Premium or Premium Plus:

    Your free Starter Member has joined WA and successfully completed their profile setup, 100%. They have started to go through the 10 free lessons, the first in the 5 levels, 50 courses in the Online Entrepreneur Certification program. Along the way, or at the end, they decide that they want to continue along this journey and start building their online presence and business.

    They then make a decision to upgrade. There are 4 choices available to your WA Referrals:

    1. Premium Monthly Member
    2. Premium Annual Member
    3. Premium Plus Monthly Member
    4. Premium Plus Annual Member

    How You Earn Income

    Your Starter Referral can upgrade for as little as $19.00 for their very 1st month. Your commission for this will be $8.00.

    Depending on which one of the 4 membership options your Starter Member chooses, your commission will be anything from $23.50 per month to $465.00 per year, recurring for as long as they are paying members in WA.

    Wealthy Affiliate Lifetime Commissions - Cassi Of Troy

    Wealthy Affiliate has one of the most exciting Affiliate Programs available anywhere online and you can earn consistent revenue by simply referring others to the WA Community!

    5. Domain Registrations And Renewals

    This WA earning category is like icing on the cake as I never expected it. If you’re serious about Making Money Online (the MMO niche, as it is known) you will need to buy a domain name. And nothing could be simpler when you buy domain names at Wealthy Affiliate.

    But, it does not stop there.

    Many people, including me, flip domains. Just like flipping a house, for example, you purchase a domain, hold it for a while, maybe launch a website and start building content and then you decide to sell it. That could earn you some good passive income.

    Anyway, let me stay on topic.

    As a Premium or Premium Plus Member in WA, you can host all of your domains at the most cost-efficient price in the industry. This includes unlimited email accounts, WHOIS protection/privacy, domain security and advanced DNS automation and management for no extra cost.

    How You Earn Income

    Whenever your Referral Member purchases or renews a domain registration, you earn Cash Credits of between 2 to 30 ($1.00 to $15.00).

    Wealthy Affiliate Earnings from Domain Registrations - Cassi Of Troy

      If your Referral Member is like me and flipping domains, these dollars can add up very quickly.

      Closing Thoughts

      The avenues for earning income online are almost bottomless. The recent pandemic has resulted in many people around the world revisiting their careers and how they earn an income. I was fortunate to get started in 2019, just before the world was brought to a halt.

      I am also blessed to have found these 5 ways to earn money in my 1st year in Wealthy Affiliate. Taking advantage of each was relatively easy and now my WA bank pays my annual Premium Plus membership. All the commissions and credits add up.

      The best aspect of earning passive income online though is that my income is always on the rise. There is no fixed income and no drop in income when I retire. There are days when I simply relax and spend the time travelling with my daughter or discovering something new on our estate.

      I am no longer a slave to the 9-to-5 grind and daily commute. I enjoy my lifestyle and live my life on my terms. That is what freedom means to me.

      About the Author - Cassi Of Troy

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