What Is The Best Online Startup Business?

What Is The Best Online Startup Business?

One of the first things that people do when you first meet them is to ask “What do you do?” or “Where do you work?”

They are questions that I have never liked because it seemed to me that you are immediately put into a box, depending on your response. Today though, I love telling people what business I am involved in.

Usually, when they ask those questions I would say: “I work online.” Then, curiosity steps in and they build up enough courage to ask me: “What is the best online startup business?”

The adrenalin rushes to my skin, my eyes relax, I grab a drink and begin sharing about my online business journey and experience. There is always a hearty discussion about the benefits of working online and what is the best thing to do to get started.

So, allow me to share some of my perspectives on the subject.

Online Statistics For 2021

Before exploring online businesses, let’s explore why they are more relevant today than ever before.

Online Business or e-business is any kind of business or commercial transaction that includes sharing information across the internet.” (SOURCE: Wikipedia) The term e-business was introduced in 1996 by IBM’s marketing and internet team.

Back then, in December 1996, less than 1% of the world’s population was on the internet. A mere 36 million users, 25 years ago.

Fast forward to December 2020 and note the exponential growth the internet has had with over 64% of the world’s population now using the internet. That is over 5 billion people! (SOURCE: Internet World Stats)

That is some mind-boggling growth. It certainly gets you thinking and wondering how to get a piece of the action, doesn’t it? Although I started working with computers in the early 80s as a Systems Analyst and Programmer, I am still in awe of the phenomenal growth of the internet.

Here’s an idea of what happens EVERY MINUTE on the internet:

What Is The Best Startup Online Business?

Do you see the numbers at the 3 o’clock position in the photo above? EVERY MINUTE of the day, consumers spend USD $1,000,000.00 online.

Why You Should Be Thinking About An Online Business

That is one of the reasons why you should be thinking about starting an online business.

Wouldn’t you like to share in the USD $1,440,000,000.00 (almost 1.5 billion dollars) that consumers spend every day on the internet?

The money wasn’t my primary driver though. My move to the internet for business began a few years ago as I became more disenchanted with the brick-and-mortar construct and demands. You know how that goes.

  • Go through college or university.
  • Get the best job that you can.
  • Work your butt off for the institution while you hope for a promotion or two.
  • Commit to at least 4 hours of traffic and commute every day to prove your worth.
  • Get married, if you are lucky and, have a couple of kids.
  • Bind yourself into payments for the house, car and children’s education.
  • Work until your get laid off, fired or old enough to retire.
  • If you live to that age, use what little funds, energy and time you have left to pretend you are happily enjoying retirement while you watch your children hit the Ferris wheel and do it all over again.

That was not the legacy that I wanted to leave for my daughter and that’s the passionate reason why I started my online business journey.

I was very clear that I wanted to enjoy a sustainable income, with increases that I determined and a legacy that I could pass on to my daughter so that she did not have to jump on the proverbial Ferris wheel.

My Starting Options For An Online Business

When my mind was made up and my purpose was clear, I began my search for good options to build an online business. There is no end to what you can do to make money online.

Here are just a few:

1. Copywriting

This is probably one of the most promoted and popular online business choices. I had no idea what it was until I stumbled upon the American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI) in 2015.

After enrolling for their signature copywriting course, I became determined to find my passion online and begin my entrepreneurial journey. Although I enjoyed the course, I found it limited and continued to search for more opportunities.

2. Virtual Assistant

Again, I had no idea what this was until I began my exploration.

Gillian Perkins does an excellent job of taking you through what is required to become a Virtual Assistant (WA) in 30 days in the video below.

Becoming a VA is a great opportunity to work from home and be your own boss. Plus, it’s a job that anyone with good communication and organizational skills can do!

As good a career as it is, becoming a VA still did not embrace all that I was looking for.

The Most Sustainable And Diverse Online Business

It was in the last quarter of 2019 that I was formally introduced to the online business model that would change my perspectives and approach to building an online business.

I had grown tired of seeing all the bling ads that flaunted the financial success of their protagonists. You know them. The promises of overnight money rolling in and the promise of becoming a millionaire sooner than you can take your next deep breath.

The get-rich-quick-with-little-effort schemes. This was NOT one of them.

No. while looking for coffee on the internet, I came across a young gentleman, humble with his words and achievements, talking about Content and Affiliate Marketing. His name is Nathaniell and that same Sunday evening, he became my online business mentor.

Through Nathaniell, I took the opportunity to begin the 1st 10 modules of a training programme for my Online Entrepreneur Certification. The 1st 10 lessons were free, so I had absolutely nothing to lose.

By the end of the first week, I had completed the 1st level of training and made the decision to pursue full certification. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Within 1 year of learning, training and implementation, I have built an online business that comprises:

  • 3 successful websites,
  • full social media reach across Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter,
  • over 300 blog posts,
  • 8 sources of income,
  • training and coaching opportunities and,
  • recognition like the one below.Wat Is The Best Online Startup Business?

Content & Affiliate Marketing

Content & Affiliate Marketing provide tremendous opportunities to learn, earn and grow online.

You probably use websites that have monetized their content with affiliate marketing more than you know. The reason why you do not know is that it is probably the most popular way for bloggers and website owners to earn revenue from their digital assets.

The pandemic of 2020 played a big part in pushing the earnings of this industry, even more, giving it an estimated worth of USD $12 billion currently. It is expected to continue growing at the rate of at least 10% over the next few years.

The model is a simple one.

Through the content on your website, offer strategic promotions of products for your visitors. Once your visitor clicks through your content and makes a purchase of the product or service, you receive a commission.

It is no different from referring people to your favourite restaurant and being rewarded with a free dinner for 2.

What You Need To Startup Your Affiliate Business

Anyone who has an online presence and the ability to drive traffic can earn with affiliate marketing by promoting other people’s products. But, to be successful with affiliate marketing, you need to understand what it is, how to get started, and how to earn money from the channel.

There are many options for learning the skills but few platforms will provide you with everything that you need to be successful in one place.

Here are the key things:

  • a website,
  • training on everything from blogging to SEO,
  • domain purchasing and hosting,
  • 24/7 technical support,
  • a keyword research tool that helps you to generate the most traffic,
  • mentors and coaches to guide you,
  • ongoing feedback about your progress, blog posts and websites,
  • a 24/7 community to hold your hand and extend whatever support you need to succeed.

These are just the basic requirements. What brings it all together is the quality of training and community support to carry you along your journey. That is very difficult to find and many people lose a lot of time, energy and money searching the internet and trying to piece the components together for themselves.

Through Nathaniell, I was introduced to Wealthy Affiliate and a community and platform that continues to nurture me and help me to scale and develop my business.

That is, by far, the best way to get started online with your internet business.

Wealthy Affiliate supports over 2 million members all across the world. Almost every country is represented.

If you are serious about starting a business online, join me and become one of the internet’s successful Content & Affiliate Marketers. It will be my pleasure to coach you towards success!

Cassandra Patrovani


This is home to two (2) world-travelling, youthful, life-loving and committed Caribbean women – Cassi, a Baby Boomer Dragon Gemini preparing to transition into being a full-time Online Entrepreneur/Writer/Photographer and, Zafi, a Generation Alpha Tiger Aquarian who has already found her life passion in the realm of dance and music.

Together, we discovered Affiliate Marketing and now enjoy building and growing our lives full of genuine community, learning, support, networking and earning – on our terms and at our leisure.

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