What Is Overnight Success? How To Achieve It Online

What Is Overnight Success?

I am certain that you have been told that to achieve what you want there is no fast-track, get-rich-quick way of doing it. Truth be told, I did not know what is overnight success until I discovered how to achieve it online.

On your own you will struggle and even lose a lot of money in your quest to succeed but, there is an online community of over 2 million members that provides you with all the support, resources and training that you need to build your online business and succeed as an Online Entrepreneur.

First, we will explore what overnight success means. Then I will take you through some questions to help you ponder on where you are on the success continuum and if this community may be right for you.

How Will Overnight Success Appear?

So let’s begin by debugging the myth about overnight success. Truth be told, success is never overnight. It is usually the realisation of years of hard work and tremendous effort.

You should also consider what constitutes success.

  • How is it measured?
  • Is it financial only?
  • Are there other factors that you would want to take into account?

In most situations, when you talk about success, you are referring to financial success. Unless you have gained a big inheritance or won the lottery, you will still not benefit financially from overnight success.

Let’s consider the success of passing an exam. You would have had to spend many long days and nights studying, researching and practicing passing the exam. To those on the outside, receiving the results may seem like an instant occurrence but you would know the amount of work and the length of time that it took you to prepare.

The term, overnight success, is often coined with performers – actors and singers who seem to suddenly emerge on the scene from no where. Again, their success did not happen overnight. They would have made immense sacrifices to reach their goals and be discovered.

So know that your overnight success will take some measure of work and commitment from you.

Why Haven’t You Succeeded Yet?

With this understanding of how overnight success happens, you may want to revisit your own success. If I am on the right track, you are here because you are not satisfied with the level of success that you have achieved in your life thus far.

You are looking for more or something different.

A good starting point is to consider why you have not yet achieved the level of success that you desire. This would mean knowing what got you to the point that you are now and what you may need to do differently to achieve different or greater results.

This is a critical step before moving forward because:What Is Overnight Success?If you want to achieve different results, you HAVE to start doing things in a different way. The sooner, the better.

The other critical factor that may be keeping you from achieving a greater level of success is fear. Yes, I said it. Fear is the ever present elephant in the room. We do not like to discuss the elephant because we are afraid that it may sit on us and obliterate us.

However, the reality is that you may be fearful of failure but, you may also be fearful of success. Getting to the bottom of your fears is necessary to move forward.

What Is An Online Entrepreneur?

Now that I have got you thinking, curious and starting to explore your own functioning, let’s start looking into the lifestyle of an Online Entrepreneur.

Why am I not talking about traditional, offline businesses, careers and successes?

Well, for no other reason than the fact that online is not just the future but, more so, the here and now. If you are not actively pursuing an online presence for your own growth, development and success you may be cutting yourself out of one of the most lucrative and sustainable opportunities there is.

In this video, Gillian Perkins does an excellent job of breaking the steps down for you:

An Online Entrepreneur is as good and effective a business person as an offline one, perhaps even better. Think about it.

Offline you would spend years studying, leave school or college and get a job and work your butt off for a salary. If you are lucky, you may get a promotion or 2, after having to invest more money and time in more qualifications and hoping that your company doesn’t go belly-up or you are not made redundant.

There is a lot of chance there and reliance on factors that may be outside of your control.

As an Online Entrepreneur, YOU are in control of your business, life, time, earnings and future. And there is no rocket science about it either.

What Are You Passionate About?

The first step is to determine where your passion lies. What are the things that you truly enjoy in life and wish you had more time to do.

A good way of approaching this is to ask yourself:

“If I could do anything in the world that I wanted to for joy, what would it be?”

  • What would I be doing?
  • Where would I prefer to be based?
  • Who would be with me?
  • What support would I have?
  • What will I be required to learn and know and how will I get that knowledge?

If you have a notebook at hand, this would be an opportune time to start writing. Feel free to just dream and visualise. See yourself doing what you are doing and feel the joy that you are experiencing.

Make that vision your present.

This is how you discover your passion. You walk yourself along the pathway towards it, face it and look at the beauty of it. Savour that moment and the feeling that you are experiencing.

Hold on to your passion!

Have You Ever Done Research On The Internet?

The next step that you will take is to research your passion on the internet and start to narrow it down to find a niche to start your business in.

A niche is simply a segment of your passion that you will promote to your visitors or audience in your online business. It could be absolutely anything but what is most important is that it should be something that you enjoy.

You will be spending a lot of time with your niche, doing research, learning, writing and sharing. You want to do this with something that brings you joy.

That is why you are here, reading this blog post now, isn’t it. You do not find any or enough joy in what you are currently doing. You want to change that.

When you are selecting your niche keep this at the forefront of your mind.

You will have a lot of things that you are interested in, for example, I love photography. I was hooked from the moment my Aunt gave me my first camera for my birthday and I still take many photographs today.

If I were to choose a niche in photography, I could:

  • sell my photographs,
  • blog about photography
  • promote cameras
  • offer photography tips and ideas
  • market photography courses
  • do reviews on cases and lenses
  • write articles on places that are ideal for taking the best photographs

The list is endless and each one can be an online business.

Ready To Build Your Website?

This is the part the most people feel very intimidated about but there is no need to feel that way. Building your website is as easy as 1-2-3, clicks. The best part of getting started is that you can do it for FREE in a global community of over 2 million successful and emerging online entrepreneurs.

They are walking the talk and travelling the journey. Some have already achieved remarkable success. Others have been enjoying a successful lifestyle from their online businesses for over 10 years and are now coaches and mentors. Many others are on the journey of building and scaling their businesses.

The important things is that they are all doing it together and learning, sharing and supporting as they move forward.

When I started in the computer/IT field in the early 80s, computers were things to be revered. Today, you have more computing power in the plan of your hand than I had in the 1st floor mainframe that I worked with.

Working online is so easy and can be so much fun. The best way to get started is to have an online presence and that is best served by having your own website.

Consider it your own property on the internet that you can build, sell your products and services, sell if you want to and promote just about anything.

Do You Want to Experience Overnight Success?

In 2019, I started my online entrepreneur journey. I had no clue about what I was doing. Thankfully, one Sunday evening I stumbled upon the website of my mentor who spoke about how he was able to enjoy one more cup of coffee at home.

How was he able to do that?

By building successful businesses online and being a member of one of the most successful platforms and communities on the internet.

I wasted no time in exploring and getting started. 15 months later, I can share with you that I now enjoy overnight successes on a regular basis. My 1st year investment has been a tremendous experience.

As an Online Entrepreneur and Content & Affiliate Marketer, I consistently wake up to income earned from my websites, reviews and content – a guaranteed lifetime of earnings in some cases.

I would call that overnight success, if you ask me.

Thankfully, I no longer have to endure that daily grind, harrowing commute and excessive demands on my time, knowledge and abilities. I can enjoy full benefit of all those for myself.

Life doesn’t happen the way you want it unless you make it happen.

Travel along with me and enjoy overnight success as well.

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