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A Long And Winding Road

For as long as I can remember, I have been on a quest to live well and on my own terms. Saying that today sounds kind of cliche but it is the truth. I was not born into a life of plenty or even enough so perhaps it started there, somewhere in one of the dreams that kept me believing that I would be living wealthy one day.

I was told that because of the hand I was dealt in life, the only road to success was paved with much sacrifice and a lot of hard work. Education was the key to unlock the door that would lead me to a better future. I believed that and worked my butt off for most of my life, never waiting for or relying on handouts.

Although I did not have much, in those early years, I knew I was better than that. Life did become better and I have been fortunate enough to be blessed with a good education, world-wide travel, treasured loved-ones, business and financial success.

But, the meaning of living well continued to change for me over the years and I found that my quest was never satisfied, until now.

It was on a Sunday afternoon in early October 2019 that I came across Wealthy Affiliate (WA). By that time my life was good. Great actually, compared to my early days, but I was still on my mission to live well . . . or maybe I should say, better. 

That Fateful October Sunday

It was a quiet Sunday and I was doing some research on the internet about coffee. Our Trinidad coffee is some of the best in the world and I was debating with friends about how the world’s coffee ranked when I came across one of the WA Member’s sites that seemed to be about coffee.

But, it wasn’t.

Instead, very creatively, the website was about becoming an online entrepreneur so that you could enjoy one more cup of coffee anywhere you wanted, instead of having to rush off to work because you had to. I stayed on the site for a good hour, navigating and absorbing all the information, which is probably what you are doing now reading this article.

I was captivated by this young guy who seemed to be speaking to me so calmly and convincingly about his chosen lifestyle and the tools that he uses to earn a comfortable and happy income online and live so well.

My curiosity was heightened and I felt compelled to find out what his highly recommended online platform was really about. I was not new to the World Wide Web so I did not feel intimidated. I was apprehensive though because I continuously came across stories about people who had lost their money chasing after the digital nomad lifestyle, freedom and financial success.

It never sat well with me that you could become a success magnate overnight. That is not what I was looking for, especially being an educated, successful, world-travelling business executive who has founded companies around the world.

I had a very clear picture of how it should work and what I wanted.

My Quest Has Not Been In Vain

To say that I was impressed would be putting it mildly. I was totally bowled over!

Take a look at the window to WA. From first glance you get a sense that everything you need to start and manage your online business is available right here.

Education, Website Hosting, Domain Registration and a rolling Live Chat were staring back at me. As looked down wondering how much I would to break my bank buy to purchase all this, I saw:

Try Wealthy Affiliate Free. No Risk, and No Credit Card Required.”

No Credit Card. Not one dime!

That was my deal-breaker right there and in no time at all I was signed up and walking through the home of Wealthy Affiliate. As a new Starter member, my first task was to set up my Profile and this meant choosing my name, CassiOfTroy, selecting a photo and writing my introductory bio.

The next call to action was to set my first goal, my money goals. That was the reason I was there, right?

  • What money I would be happy earning?
  • What money I would be ecstatic earning?
  • How much time would I be willing to invest to achieve my goals?

This was serious business! During my first week, I knew Wealthy Affiliate was different.

Friday Date Nights Have A New Meaning

Education is a way of life for me. I cannot believe in something or perform at my best if I do not know enough to understand what I am about and establish a purpose for what I am doing.

From day one at WA I started training with the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) course, Level 1. The course covered. This is a ten-lesson course that takes you through, step-by-step, how to create a successful online business that earns you money. This level is the first in a series of five (5) levels, each with ten (10) courses.

After completing the first course in level 1, I made a decision to upgrade my membership and become a paid (premium) member. I knew then that WA was going to be my home to build my online businesses and learn everything that I needed to know to become the success that I wanted to be and to live well.

I did not hesitate and received my first training certification one week after joining WA.

One of the most attractive training elements for me is our weekly live training, every Friday night with Jay Neil. These date night webinars are current training sessions for WA members that keep us up-to-date with all the different aspects of our online businesses. From building our websites, to SEO, getting ranked in Google and keyword research. You name it and Jay facilitates it.

Jay uses simple, light and clear language and a live board which makes understanding very easy, even for the average Joe who is starting off with no clue about what he is doing. His sense of humour will relax you and make you feel right at home.

I Cannot Afford To Pay For The Support

Jay is not the only key resource that you have direct access to at WA. Of course there are the founders, Kyle and Carson, and your referrer too. There is also a surprising group of people at Wealthy Affiliate who keep the support engine running every day, 24/7.

Yes! I said 24/7!

At any point in time, day or night, wherever in the world you are, you can log in to the WA Community and connect with like-minded people who are ready, willing and experienced enough to assist you with any question, query or concern that you may have.

Anything! And I do mean anything!

Our WA Community, as it is affectionately called, is priceless and like nothing else that I have ever experienced in all my working years across the globe. If there was an award for the best online organisational culture, it would go to Wealthy Affiliate.

Do not get me wrong. Our WA Community is not perfect. It is made up of human being after all. But it comes pretty close. Almost everyone at WA wants to support your success and you feel that from day one

There is a practice of paying-it-forward with gratitude that members use to support each other by providing daily feedback, and comments about each others blogs, websites, life experiences – anything to help you get through your day and difficulties.

Through this camaraderie and never-ending exchange, some deep and genuine friendships are formed and nurtured. This element of WA is the glue that will keep you engaged, learning and growing.

I can tell you, with confidence and pride, that I have become a much better human being because of the experiences I continue to enjoy in our WA Community and can never repay the generosity that I have received.

The World Beneath My Wings

I did not know anyone at Wealthy Affiliate when I first started in October 2019. Today, I have a network of almost 3,000 members from all around the world. My network provides the uplift that I need to travel this sometimes difficult path of entrepreneurship that I have chosen and that interests you.

There are over 2 million members in the WA Community and we grow bigger every day.

On our home dashboard we:

  • Welcome New Members
  • Share ideas and learning in daily blogs
  • Recognise the day’s top posts
  • Share questions from members who are in need of help
  • Celebrate successes
  • Motivate each other
  • Recognise accomplishments
  • Showcase training

There is always something to engage, inspire, motivate, challenge and develop you.

And of course, our Live Chat just keeps going on and on with members checking in, helping others and handing over the baton when their time is demanded somewhere else.

The global energy that fuels your growth and development at Wealthy Affiliate is unprecedented and I guarantee that, if you allow it to, you can really feel the world beneath your wings as you rise towards success.

Start Living Wealthy For FREE

You are here, at this time, reading this post because you are also searching for more or better. The truth is that our lives are in a constant state of change, COVID-19 brought us face-to-face with that reality.

The more changes that come your way, the more important it is for you to find a home that will not only ground you but will also provide you with stability, support, belonging and a global community that will embrace you and provide you with all the tools and resources that you need to succeed as a Digital Entrepreneur.

Do not leave you your future to chance.

This is your opportunity to start living wealthy for FREE.

I look forward to welcoming you to WA and to supporting your growth and success as a Digital Entrepreneur.

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