How Do I Start Affiliate Marketing?

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If you have ever asked yourself the question: “How Do I Start Affiliate Marketing?” then, this post is written especially for you. Affiliate Marketing is all the buzz these days – and with good reason. If you are willing to invest what is required, the life of an Affiliate Marketer will afford you the opportunity to Live Well VERY well!. But, let me repeat: IF you are willing to invest the required resources you can Live Well.

Regardless of what anyone tells you, there is no quick-fix way to earn like the gurus overnight. Take that approach and you WILL lose most of your investment, especially your time AND money. So, keep your money in your pocket and stick with me. Allow me to walk you through the most effective, consistent and proven steps to learn, earn and Live Well with Affiliate Marketing.

1. Understand What Affiliate Marketing IS


We begin with an understanding of Affiliate Marketing. To many, it appears as simple as setting up a website or starting a blog post on the internet. The impression that once this is done, visitors will arrive in droves and miraculously make your website or blog super profitable. The hard reality is, that is wrong. It just does not happen that way.


As an Affiliate Marketer, you are paid commissions by an online retailer, for traffic or sales YOU generate via your website (or blog) for THEIR products or services. In essence, you are a salesperson for a product or service on the internet. Think about traditional selling. If you can get customers into a business and they make a purchase, you get a cut (commissions) for your efforts. You do not have to stock the product or deliver the service. You simply direct the customer to the store, they buy and you get paid.

On the internet, you can do this in many ways.

  • You can make referrals via your own website.
  • You can set up a web store in a particular area, for example Health & Fitness, and sell products.
  • You can share reviews of products and make recommendations to encourage people to buy a product or service.
  • You can simply talk about your experience with a product or service (YouTube video) and influence the purchase decision of your viewers (Followers).

2. Education and Skill Are KEY


Very often I come across stories of people who have been caught by scams and schemes on the internet. No different to the brick-and-mortar world where people get scammed every single day. What makes the internet a little harder to navigate is the absence of the human, real-time connection. Because of this educating ourselves and learning how to navigate in this complex environment should be key.

Think about your first day at school or university or the office. You don’t just dive in aimlessly. Do You? You take your time to learn your surroundings, the surrounding people, your syllabus, the goals and objectives, what it means to succeed.

The internet is the same. You don’t just dove in and grab at the first thing that appears in front of you. You take your time, do your research, educate yourself and develop some basic skills to help you along.

A good place to start is by learning How To build a FREE Affiliate Website.

And FREE means NO CREDIT CARD required. This is an opportunity to start learning how Affiliate Marketing works and developing some basic skills such as how to establish your presence on the internet.

3. Get Some Real Estate


You cannot refer, influence or sell on the internet if you do not have a presence. The way to have a presence is to get some real estate and a website IS your online property. This is how visitors and customers will find you. This is how retailers and sellers will know you exist. This is how you will communicate with the four billion (4,000,000,000) people using the internet. Yes! That is your market. 4,000,000,000 around the globe!

Purchasing a website can be expensive though. Again, getting help to navigate this minefield and an opportunity to test the waters is important. Few opportunities exist to do this for FREE. Your real estate should be located within a community that supports your learning, growth and development. A mix of seasoned, experienced and successful Affiliate Marketers who can be solid role models for you to be motivated by and aspire to become.

Thankfully, Wealthy Affiliate is that community. With fifteen (15) years of experience, Wealthy Affiliate is a community of over two (2) million Affiliate Marketers around the world who are proving daily that you can Live Well and enjoy a life of freedom and independence as a Digital Entrepreneur.

4. Build Your Inventory


So you have a solid understanding of Affiliate Marketing, you have joined a community that supports your learning and development and you have your real estate established. What next? Well, you have you build an inventory, right? Right! And on the internet, that means only one thing. CONTENT! CONTENT! CONTENT!

Not just any old content. QUALITY CONTENT! without quality content, you have an empty store. There is nothing for your visitors to see. There is no where for them to go. There are no products or services to review or purchase. There is no commission for you to earn.

CONTENT is the engine that powers your website and having a platform that takes you to profit-ready stage as quickly and as easily as possible is paramount to your success. How do you get CONTENT? You write it.

Who me?! Yes! YOU write it!

The training that is available in the Wealthy Affiliate community is unparalleled. You gain university level education on everything internet related. SEO, Keywords, Rankings, Google, Bing, You Tube, Pinterest. Suddenly all these words will make sense and have meaning to you. You will understand how to structure them and use them to start, build and profitably grow your online business.

Take your time and step up at your own pace. Master different areas – or all. It’s up to you. Your success will rely solely on your ability to invest the time and effort needed.

Everything You Need To Succeed As An Affiliate Marketer


Finding everything you need to know How Do I Start Affiliate Marketing? in one place will require a lot of time, energy AND money if you try to do it on your own. However, if you want to have a FREE opportunity to learn, this is the best place to start. There is no obligation and NO CREDIT CARD required. Simply sign up and join in. Set up your FREE website and even access an initial FREE course.

I know that once you join our community and experience the support, test the platform and resources you will want to stay, learn, grow and earn.

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