How Can I Start A Business With No Money? Here’s How To Do It

Starting A Business With No Money

If the question: “How can I start a business with no money?” brought you here, let me dive straight in and tell you: “Here’s how to do it.”

You are in the right place.

Starting a business with no money may be one of the easiest things to do in today’s world. That said, I have seen so many people start but never stick with it long enough to actually get themselves to the point of being successful.

That, right there, is the differentiating factor.

You may want to start today but do you have the passion and drive to stick with it and invest in what is necessary for you to succeed?

Do you think you do?

Are you sure?

Well here is a 7-point plan to get you started.

1. Know Your Why

Start with the end in mind here.

You are at the point of having no money now. Do you know why?

  • Were you born into poverty?
  • Did you take some bad risks?
  • Did you gamble it away?
  • Did you lose your job?
  • Did you lend to a friend who hasn’t paid you back?
  • Did you not save enough over the years?

Before you move on, spend some time thinking about this and write down the reason why you are here – the reason why you have no money to start your business.

If your reason is compelling enough and you own it, it will be strong enough to carry you through the journey you are about to embark on with me.

I want you to succeed.

I want you to have money in your pocket.

I want you to be successful.

Most importantly, I want you to NEVER have to return to this point in your life where you have no money to invest in your future.

To achieve that, you must be passionately tied to your reason and determined to not allow you to return to this same place.

2. Find A Tribe That Will Support You

With your why in hand, you need to position yourself among a group of people who can help and support you. People who are just like you, some with money and some without.

That’s not what is important when you get started.

You want to become part of a community that understands where you are at and more importantly, knows where you want to go and who you want to be.

A group of friends, arms locked, sitting on a wall, looking at the Eiffel Tower

A community that will not frown at you but rather one that will hold your hand and teach you, pay-it-forward for you.

It sounds far-fetched at the moment but communities like this do exist. I know because I found one. It is the same community that I want to introduce you to for starting your business with no money.

That is exactly how I started.

With NO money.

Thanks to that very same community today, I train, coach and mentor other prospective entrepreneurs and help them find their rainbow of success.

You can read more about how I live well every day with this community and how it helped me in my quest to change my life and my lifestyle by CLICKING HERE.

3. Use The Best Training Available

With all the training and courses available online today, many of you are lost when it comes to knowing where to start. Every day some new person or offering pops up. Many of these are tagged as “free” until you work through all the upsells, promises and go to steps with a price hooked on.

By the time you get through the “free” introduction, your credit card is maxed out and you have little of any value to really give you the training and start that you need to start your online business.

There are hundreds – thousands – of promises out there. Many of the persons behind those promises have rented all the bling, fine jewellery, houses, cars and decked out models to make you think that they have it all.

Even more of them have never made any money online and maybe struggling more than you have.

Be mindful of the charlatans.

Seek out training that has been tested over many years, constantly updated and supports successful online entrepreneurs. One of the most trusted and highly recommended places to begin learning how to start an online business can be found by clicking here and you can get started for FREE.

4. Immerse Yourself In Learning

Once you have found your training, it is time to immerse yourself in it.

If you are new to the world of online businesses and opportunities, it will take time for you to understand the language and what is possible.

Do not rush it.

Far too often I encounter people who jump in online with desperate behaviours, wanting to become millionaires overnight.

Believe me when I tell you that it will not happen.

Books, compuyers, cell phone, desk accessories on a desk

It is important that you immerse yourself in training, learning to understand what the online world is about and how to make healthy decisions regarding the opportunities that are available to and for you.

There are limitless opportunities available online and it is up to you to decide what you want to focus on and how to structure your business and growth.

Remember, as you learn more you will broaden and deepen your knowledge and skills. With these additions, your value will increase and soon you will be in a position to provide much more effective service to your audience and sell a greater variety of services.

That is how you will establish diversified income streams.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating.”

Have you ever heard that saying?

What it means is that you will only know if something works IF you work it. Anything in life that is meaningful and gets results requires effort. Most require consistent effort.

Having an offline job, you go to work at least 5 days a week. Many of you work every day. You may not be physically on-site but often times you take work home or have discussions and meetings on your not-at-work days to support your work, your job.

Somehow, that seems to get lost when many people start working online. They have an expectation that all they are required to do is set up a few things, do a few clicks here and there and then BOOM!.

They have success!

The good news is: It just does not work that way.

Well, not for sustainable, healthy growth and success anyway and that’s the only kind of online or business success that I am familiar with or I want.

Building a business online is no different to building one offline. If you get it easily it is almost definite that you will lose it even quicker.

6. Choose Your Business Partners Wisely

Would you start a job blindly?

Not knowing anything about:

  • the company,
  • the owners and their ethics and values,
  • the people,
  • what business it does,
  • the success that is enjoyed,
  • how financially strong they are or,
  • the potential for growth and development for you?

Do you know how many people do that online?!

It is crazy really but every day, thousands, (maybe millions), of people do that online. And of course, they fail, lose their money and sometimes their minds.

You want to make sure that your experience is different and that means you should choose a great, (not just good), business partner.

Make sure that your partner has ethics and values that are aligned with yours and will be with you for the long haul.

Do your research and do it well.

7. Select A Successful Coach Who Remains Relevant

In the same way that you would select a mentor or a coach in a traditional offline business setting, you should choose one for your online business.

If nothing else helped me to fast-track my success, this did.

I was very fortunate, while doing my research online, to find a successful entrepreneur who had built his business (many actually) and was still enjoying financial growth after more than 10 years.

Only this week, as I start to diversify my business again, did I learn that his steps were very similar to mine.

Having travelled on this journey and become an authority within his different niches, he understands almost every situation I experience and has often guided me away from potential problems and setbacks.

He shares his knowledge freely and provides me with regular feedback. This helps me to keep focused, firm and highly motivated.

Not only do I know what is possible, I see the success that my coach enjoys and that inspires me to do more and become better.

Take Action Today

We have reached the decision point. It is time for some action.

Have I helped you to understand what is required to start your online business?

If I have, please leave me a comment below.

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