Hoping Is NOT A Process!

Hoping Is Not A Process

Still Hoping For The Best?

2020 is one of those years that has everyone hoping.

  • Hoping for COVID-19 to end.
  • Hoping for a vaccine.
  • Hoping for a cure.
  • Hoping that you don’t get it.
  • Hoping for a fresh start.
  • Hoping you are not one of those losing your job.
  • Hoping that you can still maintain your lifestyle.
  • Hoping that you can just feed and shelter your family.

But, hoping is NOT a process!

Whenever I hear the word hope, I think of a helpless child, standing alone on a busy street, crying because she has lost her parent and does not know what to do. She stands there at the mercy of passers-by hoping that someone will help her or her parent will suddenly reappear.

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a tangible and meaningful opportunity to turn hope into your process for a brighter future.

From Day 1, You Are In Control

From your very first day at WA, you realise that you are in control of your destiny and what you want to do with your life. There is no Job Description or orientation to restructure your thoughts and behaviours towards what the organisation wants from you.

This is all about what you want for your life and what you are going to do with your life. Questions like these start to flow through your mind:

  • What do I REALLY want to do?
  • How much do I need to earn to keep living?
  • What income would make me really happy?
  • How much money would I want to be able to live my lifestyle?
  • What amount of time am I willing to invest in me and achieving my goals?

How much time are you willing to invest in you?
I have watched 1,000s of new members come into WA and stumble right there, at the beginning. They have no idea how to answer those questions because they have never been asked. They have been working their butts off every day for someone else and hoping that their loyalty and commitment get them where the organisation takes them.

They then hope some more that wherever they end up is a good place!

You Define Your Own Success

Unless you grew up with awesome parents you directed you towards your dreams and goals and instilled in you qualities like resilience and independence, you have probably never taken the time to define your own success.

That is a little scary, isn’t it?

To be walking through life and just hoping that everything works out?

But isn’t that what so many of us do with our lives? Put our success in the hands of people who are not committed to us?

WA is a far cry from the traditional thinking and behaviours that you have grown accustomed to. If you do not achieve success at WA, it rests squarely on your shoulders. It is not a matter of if, but when.

Even as a world-travelling executive and entrepreneur, I did not believe it at first. My paradigm had to change. It was only after a few months that I was able to exhale, smile and say:

“This is real!”

You are in control.
That was quickly followed by some other expletives, jumps for joy and the opening of a brand new journal. It was my “Ah ha!” moment and the day that I truly believed I could be in control of my destiny.

Having come to this realisation, I had no intentions of letting go of the reins. I held on tighter.

This was going to be one hell of a ride!

Hoping Is Not Action

So, what is wrong with hoping?

Well, in the fewest words, it is not action. Nothing happens when you hope. You do not DO anything. You wait for something to happen to you or for you.

By the end of my first week at WA I had attained my first course certification. I still recall the feeling of euphoria at 11:00 p.m., with my daughter close by and fast asleep. I was amazed by what I had accomplished while following the training.

It was not just what I was learning and accomplishing though, it was the support that I was receiving from the WA Community. The welcoming was attractive and motivating.

As you complete tasks and training, you are encouraged to share your experiences with members. Through sharing these blog posts, 2 very important things happen, without you even knowing it.

  1. You develop your skills as a writer and blogger. You will receive encouragement and feedback and that motivates you to do more and become better.
  2. You smell the roses, as they say. Often, we are so consumed by the daily grind that we forget to stop and celebrate the little things in our lives, the small achievements that add up and lead us to the big things. At WA, we celebrate every step with you.

We are genuine supporters who want only the best for you. This enables you to keep taking action and move closer to your success.

Your Future Depends On What You Do Today

Our WA Community never sleeps. At any time of day or night, you can log in, learn, discuss, ask questions, blog or simply connect with fellow members. There are now over 2 million Wealthy Affiliates around the globe, with 100,000s active on a daily basis.

Every time zone and country is represented which means that when lights go out somewhere, they go on somewhere else. You control your schedule and your time.

If you are a single parent like me, balancing your time between offline work, caring for your children, studying and making the transition as a Digital Entrepreneur, you will have all the resources and flexibility that you need.

Building your business(es) online can be overwhelming, lonely and complicated. As a WA Member, it does not have to be. The community affords you the opportunity to connect to like-minded people with strong ambitions and an intense drive to succeed.

I can safely say that there is no other online community like it!

We are living in very uncertain times. You may be fortunate to have a job today but it is not guaranteed for tomorrow.

Stop Hoping And Start Doing

COVID-19 has reminded us that nothing is guaranteed. Even if you are one of the fortunate persons who is still gainfully employed you, it would be in your interest to have a Plan B. The future is unpredictable.

Hoping is not a process. It will not get you any closer to your goals and objectives unless you back it up with action. With over 4.5 billion people on the internet today, it will be in your best interest to learn how you can establish a brand or presence here that supports your learning, earning and lifestyle.

One of the best things that you can do for yourself today is get started at Wealthy Affiliate for FREE!

I look forward to welcoming you. ????

Cassi Of Troy


I currently live in my Birth Country, Trinidad and I am the proud mother of a truly beautiful 10-year old daughter. She is a very talented Dancer, Ballerina, Moko Jumbie and Swimmer.

As an Entrepreneur, I have started businesses in New Zealand, the USA and here in Trinidad. I have lived and worked all over the world – England, USA, Africa, New Zealand, Central America, (to name a few).

We LOVE! to travel and explore cultures.

In October 2019, after drifting around the internet, I launched my Digital Entrepreneur Footprint with Wealthy Affiliate.

Today I manage 3 profitable websites, coach other Digital Entrepreneurs, design training programs to strengthen the personal leadership required for business and, I educate my daughter through travel and other human and cultural experiences.

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